Review: Fiction 20 Down – Where’s The Levity?

Review: Fiction 20 Down – Where’s The Levity?

Fiction 20 Down – Where’s The Levity?
Track Listing:
1.) Down Like Hip-Hop
2.) My Prisoner
3.) Mr. Sunshine
4.) Lead Me On
5.) Some Beautiful Days
6.) The Goodness
7.) Money Come, Money Go
8.) Need You To Know
9.) All Falls Down

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Website: F20D Website

Group Background:
Fiction 20 Down or F20D, is a 5 piece band from Baltimore, MD. Band members include, Jordan Lally as vocalist and guitar, D.J. Fritzges on the bass, Andre Toney drums and vocals and Wes Anderson on lead guitar. Jordan Lally writes the songs, while Andre Toney adds a hip hop flow as well as background vocals. F20D puts an emphasis on giving back and have played over 30 charitable benefit concerts. The album “Where’s the Levity” was released on April 30th; also recorded in Baltimore, MD as well as was produced by Jordan Lally and co-produced by Drew Mazurek. They have a rock/alternative sound that is upbeat and fun to groove to.

Album Review:
The album “Where’s the Levity?” starts off strong with track #1, “Down Like Hip-Hop”. This is a catchy, upbeat song with smooth vocals and hard beats bumping with a catchy chorus. You can’t help but move as Andre Toney also adds an edge with his hip hop flow, contributing to the overall good feeling of the song, making this playful tune one of my favorites off the album.

The song “Mr. Sunshine”, showcases the bands rock talents with great guitar skills shown by Wes Anderson. “Lead me on”, is the first of several slower paced songs & Jordan’s vocal skills are as lovely as the song is sultry. The transition between the slow songs were well done and you’ll feel some energy brought back with “The Goodness”

The album ends with “All Falls Down”, a sweet song, which is easy to sway to, not super energetic, but just an overall dulcet of musical elements brought by each member of the band.

As a whole, the energy level falls short of that first track “Down Like Hip-Hop” as there is a slight slump and loses some vitality. Although I spun the album several times to give it a good listen, it did start to grow on me more, with the albums catchy hooks. “Where’s the Levity”, from start to finish, showcases the range of talent that F20D is capable of incorporating with so many elements from so many genres. One of the best things about this album is that it is also available on their website for FREE!

Written & Reviewed By: Melissa Cambra

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