Review: Fishbone – Crazy Glue EP

Review: Fishbone – Crazy Glue EP

Fishbone – Crazy Glue EP
Track Listing
1.) Crazy Glue
2.) Flutter Butter
3.) Deep Shit Backstroke
4.) DUI Friday
5.) Akkafoo
6.) Gittin In That Ass
7.) Weed, Beer, and Cigarettes

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: October 11th, 2011
Record Label: DC-Jam Records
Official Website: Fishbone Website

Group Background:
Formed in the late 1970’s, Fishbone has powered through over 30 years as one of the strangest reggae/ska groups ever to emerge from the Americas. Although the band never found a mainstream audience, they have garnered a large cult following. Their quirky musical combinations and bizarre lyrics were most successful during the later 80’s and early 90’s, though in recent years the band’s output has slowed.

Album Review:
Fishbone are one of the few bands of the late 20th century that managed not only to endure the tumultuous cultural earthquake of the 21st century, but also somehow managed not to change much themselves. Other lasting 80’s/90’s luminaries such as Dave Grohl or Anthony Kiedis weathered the storm through shifts in image, style and musical temperament, but Fishbone for the most part remain the Fishbone of yore – wild, weird and inarguably unique.

Their latest EP, Crazy Glue, stands as a testament to the band’s endurance as endlessly odd and eccentric. Outlandish vocal harmonies, goofy humor and unpredictable shifts in tempo, intensity and instrumentation direct the EP to the same extent as the majority of the band’s output, though reggae/ska does seem to take the backseat to warped rock and punk on this release.

The band’s lyrics and song titles are goofy and sometimes a bit nonsensical (“DUI Friday,” “Gittin In That Ass,” “Deep Shit Backstroke”). Akin to Frank Zappa or Primus, Fishbone’s humor shines through their music. The lyrics are zany, but oftentimes so is the delivery; the band rarely shies from strange voices, harmonies or vocal combinations.

As with everything Fishbone has ever released, Crazy Glue isn’t for everyone. The album should please most anyone willing to embrace whacky musicianship, irony and a strong shot of eccentricity, but if you fancy yourself a traditionalist, don’t bother.

Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

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