Review: Fresh Catch – It’s Better Here

Review: Fresh Catch – It’s Better Here

Fresh Catch – It’s Better Here
Track Listing:
1.) Rootz
2.) Chronic Attack
3.) Poor Offer
4.) E.B.J.T.S (The Drunk Girl Song)
5.) Rowdy McRowderton
6.) Let Me Go
7.) Can You Hear Me Calling
8.) Voices
9.) NOLA
10.) Comentarios (feat. Gilly Gonzalez)
11.) Move Along
12.) I Am a Lion (feat. The White Abbot)
13.) Chronic Attack (Dub Remix)
14.) Scribes

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: February 25th, 2012
Official Website: Fresh Catch Website

Group Background:
Hailing from Stuart, Florida, this up and coming Treasure Coast band has played alongside the likes of The Dirty Heads, The Supervillains, Passafire, Pacific Dub and Third World. With Fresh Catch comes the eclectic cast of characters Specializing in a Heavy Reggae sound as the band has independently released two full length albums “Foul Hooked” in 2008 and “So Far…” in 2010.

The bands third full-length album, It’s Better Here, was recorded both at Echo Room Studios in Jupiter and The Legend Room in Palm City, FL and mixed and mastered by Neil Case.

Album Review:
Fresh Catch makes it easy to quickly become a fan with catchy lyrics and irresistible melodies. And the bands third full-length album, It’s Better Here, doesn’t fail to deliver. The whopping 14-track album is an infectious mix packed with ska, rock, reggae and dub influences. It gives off a naturally laid-back vibe from start to finish and seems like the guys genuinely had a great time making it.

The band highlights their high level of versatility by adding old school flare on tracks like “Rowdy McRowderton” and “Move Along”. Rowdy’s unique western/saloon style keys, layered with clean trumpet solos, and smooth lyrics make this an easy favorite. But the more folk-like track, “Move Along”, comes in at a close second.

The complex acoustic finger picking and simple sound of the tambourine fill every lyric and harmony with an overwhelming feeling of refreshing hopefulness; “where you are and where your going matter more than you’ve been.”

But not every song on the album is so serious. Adding a bit of lighthearted fun to the album, “EBJTS” (aka The Drunk Girl Song) is about a girl who – you guessed it – “only likes me when she’s drunk.” The song seems like an instant crowd pleaser and shows that these guys aren’t afraid to let loose and have a good time. After all the endless hours spent planning, writing, and recording what good is it all if you can’t have a little fun?

The album features many special guests including Mike Lyons from fellow Florida band B-Liminal and White Abbot on “I Am a Lion”. And while I could have done without the epic intro, the song highlights each member’s extraordinary musical abilities individually as a group. They seem to have found the integral balance between powerful solos and intricate melodies.

Overall, It’s Better Here is another solid release from one of the Treasure Coast’s favorite bands. Keep an eye out for Fresh Catch, as their sound continues to grow and evolve so will their place on the map.

Written & Reviewed by: Ashley Allred

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