Review: HIRIE – “HIRIE”

Review: HIRIE – “HIRIE”

HIRIE – Self-Titled
Track Listing:
1.) Introduction
2.) Smile (featuring E.N Young)
3.) Wiseman
4.) If You Love Me Back (acoustic)
5.) Sensi Boy
6.) Higher
7.) Every Second (acoustic)
8.) Love My Lover
9.) Lost and Found
10.) Come Alive
11.) Anxious (acoustic)
12.) Give Me
13.) Turn Me On (acoustic)
14.) Smile Dub
15.) Wise Dub
16.) Dub Alive
17.) Sensi Boy Remix (Maad T-Ray)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: September 3rd, 2013
Record Label: HIRIE and Roots Musicians Records
Website: HIRIE Website

Group Background:
HIRIE is one of reggae-rocks newest acts. Born in the Philippines, raised in Italy and a self-described “island girl at heart,” HIRIE is making her music debut with the self-titled album, “HIRIE.” According to HIRIE, the name means music that lifts you to a “higher place.”

Album Review:
“HIRIE” is a strong album debut for HIRIE. The album features a mix of roots, reggae and pop, along with a handful of dub remixes and four strong acoustic tunes. “HIRIE” pays homage to a reggae legend, gives the listener a glimpse into her relationships and provides some lessons in love along the way.

The strength of the album is the acoustic tunes, which highlight the clear, yet simple, style of HIRIE’s vocals and literal songwriting. HIRIE is at her best on “If You Love Me Back,” “Every Second,” “Anxious” and “Turn Me On.” All four tracks have relationship and love themes running through them. “Anxious” is a relationship gone-wrong tune with a catchy chorus, ukulele strumming and simple structure. “Turn Me On” is about—you guessed it—sex. The song is perfectly paced and allows the listener to sit with the story and clear passion in HIRIE’s voice.

HIRIE offers a tribute to reggae king Bob Marley on “Wiseman.” She opens the song with those famous words from Trenchtown Rock, “once the music hits you, you feel no pain.” The album’s first full track and first single “Sensi Boy,” was produced by reggae-rock mainstay E.N Young. The love tune is a mix of reggae and pop, and features Young on the unmistakable melodic. The radio-friendly, catchy song is a perfect first single for HIRIE, and is sure to get play on reggae stations across the country.

In a genre dominated by male performers, it is refreshing to hear a female voice set to reggae. HIRIE combines just the right mix of flare, relatability and authenticity. “HIRIE” is a fun and easy listen, with a handful of standout tunes. But, there is a feeling that “HIRIE” is really three albums in one: the acoustic album, the reggae-pop album and the dub album. While I suppose this allows HIRIE to provide a little something for everyone, it also leaves the album feeling a little disjointed.

Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg

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