Review: Jon Wayne & The Pain – Surrender

Review: Jon Wayne & The Pain – Surrender

Jon Wayne and The Pain- Surrender
Track Listing:
1.) Festival Friends
2.) Pulse Drop
3.) Surrender
4.) Nooses
5.) Babylon United
6.) John Wayne’s Body
7.) Wharf Rat
8.) Divided Ska
9.) It Ain’t So
10.) The 99%
11.) PC Dub
12.) Ever Get Down
13.) Head Under Water

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Release Date: Sept 23rd, 2013
Website: JWP Website

Group Background:
Derived out Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jon Wayne and The Pain is one of just a handful of bands from the Midwest to garner a following through out the genre over the past few years. Originally formed in 2005 the trio includied front man Jon Wayne, Chuckie Torgerson playing electric bass and Chris Hicks on drums. In 2012 Teeto Miller took over on drums, forming the group’s current line up.

Developing a unique sound throughout the years, Jon Wayne and the Pain have taken a Reggae-Ska Rock background and fused it with Jam and Electronic Dub instrumentation, creating a new unique style of psychedelic Reggae, referred to as “Reggae-Tronic Dub”.

Their live shows are a powerful display of the trio’s sound which have pulled JWP out of the Midwest and onto the road. Together the trio plays an average of 20 shows per month, playing venues and festivals across the US, supporting their three full length records.

Album Review:
Recorded in Scanhope Sound Ranch outside of Denver Colorado, JWP’s third studio album was independently produced, along with a bit of help from Josh Fairman and Joel Scanlon behind the boards and effects. The result was a record that sounds a bit different.

With this recording, the band dives deeper into electronic experimentation, with influences of Funk, Dub, House, Electro-Jam, and Dubstep. Using Reggae as a base, the band crosses genres with tracks that build from dub loops and explode into powerful party anthems. Surrender is full of slick samples and excellent electronic instrumentals.

Until this release, the group’s combination of organic drums and guitar with electronic bass and synths could only be heard if fans could catch the band live. For Surrender JWP was able to finally record a modern representation of the trio’s live sound, showcasing JWP’s evolution into a more Jam-like mix of Reggae-Rock and EDM. After watching Jon Wayne and The Pain perform this past summer, and after listening to the entire album, cover to cover, Surrender is completely on par with sounds fans will hear in their live set.

In the Surrender recording sessions, Jon Wayne did an excellent job of gathering the festival vibes, and carrying that energy into the studio. The record begins with the strong strums of “Festival Friends”, a catchy Reggae-Ska track that opens the album as JWP would open a festival set, singing “All my festival friends, its good to see all of you again….” The track closes with an instrumental, solidifying the tracks live festival feel, as if paying tribute to the Jam scene.

One of the more interesting parts of this record was JWP’s cover of The Grateful Dead’s “Wharf Rat”. Having listened to many of The Dead’s live versions, JWP’s reggae version was enjoyable. The song is played well, incorporating the Reggae skank while keeping a slower steady tempo, eventually picking up the beat.

Overall Jon Wayne and the Pain keep in tune with the sound that made fans begin to follow the band. There are several new components to their sound & throughout the 13-tracks, JWP’s heartfelt Reggae-Rock vibes still shine through in the diverse collection of songs that make up Surrender.

Written and Reviewed By: Aaron Solomon

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