Review: Josh Heinrichs – Satisified

Review: Josh Heinrichs – Satisified

Josh Heinrichs – Satisfied
Track Listing
1.) Satisfied
2.) So Far From Home
3.) Blazin’
4.) Fight and Fuss (feat. SkillinJah)
5.) Ganja
6.) Sunday Afternoon
7.) Back To Me
8.) What Can I Do (featuring Rexie Adlawan)
9.) Blazin’ Again
10.) Satisfied (Acoustic)
11.) Ganja (feat. SkillinJah)
12.) Cruisin’ (feat. Regan Perry)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: October 18th, 2011
Record Label: Ganja Records
Official Website: Josh Heinrichs Website

Group Background:
Josh Heinrichs is back with his fifth solo album and second solo release of 2011. Hailing from Springfield, Missouri Heinrichs’ music has spread from inside out whether it is with his former group Jah Roots or from his solo career. The album features 12 tracks and features multiple artists from both the pacific and from the mainland of America. Rexie Adlawan of Inity Collective and singer Regan Perry represent the pacific while former band mate SkillinJah also appears on a few songs.

Satisfied was recorded and produced in Branson, Missouri at Roller Pro Studios. Greg Roller has produced most of Jah Roots’ albums along with Heinrichs’ solo work including the newest, Satisfied. On October 29th and November 5th, Heinrich’s plans to throw a joint album release party alongside of Natural Vibrations, J Boog, and Anuhea in Hawaii.

Album Review:
Behind the inimitable voice of Josh Heinrichs and his music is an unmatched work ethic and level of dedication. He seems to be busy either maintaining his own independent label, touring the nation, or pushing out his music for fans multiple times per year . His most recent album, Satisfied, is totally representative of his career as a vocalist and musician.

I can’t use one frame of reference to describe Satisfied. Heinrich’s induces three or four different styles to create a unique vibe. The combination of relief, mellowness, and an island feeling engulf some songs such as “Sunday Afternoon” and “Back to me”. Others such as “Ganja” and “What Can I Do” contain dawdling rhythms and a staggering skank. He displays his talents and love for the acoustic guitar such as in the song “Blazin’ and its sequel, “Blazin’ Again”. They are the first instrumental interludes that Heinrichs has ever fit into an album. It is also apparent that Heinrichs enjoys capturing the energy that other musicians and vocalists are capable of producing.

One of my favorites, “What Can I Do” is a song about love in which Josh is complimented by the beautiful voice of Rexie Adlawan from Inity Collective. Heinrichs and Adlawan’s duet centers around the lack of means to express feelings to loved ones. In “Back To Me”, the piano and acoustic intertwine to embellish a more natural and peaceful setting. Heinrichs also duets with New Zealand’s Regan Perry, whom he met through Hani of Katchafire a while back. Perry’s voice sounds eerily similar to Jack Johnson’s in “Cruisin’. Over an acoustic reggae progression the two sing about hitting the road in a big Cadillac. The twang of the guitar ventures down an arbitrary path, as there is no real structured progression, just deviations amongst two or three chords.

Skillinjah, Josh’s former band mate and current label mate just released his debut album through Gan Jah records in August. Heinrich’s sang and jammed the acoustic for many songs on Skillinjah’s album. In turn, the dread-locked singer appears in two tracks on Satisfied. The better of Skillinjah’s facade is in the song “Fight and Fuss”. In a purely acoustic setting, Skillinjah sings about the fighting and struggles that plague the world. “Another Bomb drop, ask me when it’s gonna stop, I don’t know, I hope it’s one day soon” he sings over a repetitive but fitting acoustic riff.

Heinrichs captures the best of his own abilities with Satisfied. Compared to his past albums in which he sang along side of a plethora of musicians, he relies a lot heavier upon his advantages with Satisfied. This album submits to largely positive elements of life rather than struggle and strife. To those who haven’t heard, be certain to check out Heinrich’s chords, both vocal and on the guitar!

Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

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