Review: Kash’d Out – The Hookup

Review: Kash’d Out – The Hookup

Kash’d Out – The Hookup
Kashd OutTrack Listing:
1.) Always Vibin’
2.) Fireproof
3.) Stuck In The Middle
4.) Yes I
5.) One Night Stand
6.) She Gets Around
7.) The Dream
8.) Baby Don’t Go
9.) New Love
10.) So Blessed
11.) Closer
12.) No Time For You
13.) Being Easy (Feat. Howi Spangler)
14.) I’m Gone

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 26th, 2017
Record Label: Law Records
Official Website: Kash’d Out Website

Artist Background:
Straight out of Orlando, FL, Kash’d Out was formed by guitarist Jackson Hauserman and producers Greg Shields & Josh Saldate of Sound Lounge Studios. Sound Lounge was a recording home to bands such as Ballyhoo!, Tribal Seeds and many more. Once their self-titled debut EP was complete, Kash’d Out recruited Joey Brohawn on Bass, Marshall Hearne on drums and Nick Gudzan on keys. Now, with the line-up complete, the band hit the studio to record tracks for their second record. Fast forward to 2017, Kash’d Out, and their new full-length album aptly named The Hookup drops May 26th on LAW Records.

Album Review:
One of the cliche and obvious things you’ll notice right off the bat with this record is that it’s white-boy, bubblegum reggae, through and through. Anchored by front-man Greg Shields overseeing the production, you also have a quality, fun and enjoyable sounding record, through and through. Greg’s no stranger to producing reggae music, as he’s produced albums for Ballyhoo! & Resinated, but what struck me the most about The Hookup were the unique, catchy melodies and vocal delivers found on each song.

Most of the songs are poppy, fun and upbeat, but nothing that feels too repetitive. For the poppier tracks, I imagine early 2000’s adolescent pop-punk vocals being placed over modern day reggae-rock. With a smile, that’s what comes to my mind when I hear some of these songs, such as “New Love,” “Closer,” “She Gets Around,” and “I’m Gone.” They bring out those adolescent feelings of enjoying the poppy chick-flick tracks as a guilty pleasure, and in this case, I don’t mind indulging.

Most of the aforementioned songs could easily be re-worked as pop-punk and sound just as fun. Granted there’s very little distortion or anything reminiscent of pop-punk, just the tone I get from the delivery of the vocals over several songs. Makes me want to see what this group can do by incorporating more ska and rock as they continue to evolve! You will hear the occasional DJ scratching over some tracks as heard on “Being Easy” and “Closer,” taking me back to the early 2000 reggae-rock days where DJ’s were more present in bands.

The albums stand-out tracks would have to be “The Dream,” “So Blessed,” and “Baby Don’t Go.” The latter has the albums best start-to-finish production in my opinion as I enjoy how they occasionally drop the beat out of the hook before bringing it back to drive home the spirit of the song’s sentiment in pleading his love not to go. “So Blessed” is another song that’s a great first impression to hook new listeners and I love the vocal delivery during the chorus on “The Dream”, almost reminding me of something delivered by Iration.

In some ways, their sound is similar to The Holdup, and you’ll hear a bit of Ballyhoo! considering Greg Shields history of producing them, but ultimately, Kash’d Out has their own unique sound that is best described as FUN! You can put the record on at any party around water or at the park; it’ll help road-trips go by faster and it’s a likable choice for work-outs or doing chores around the house. In the company of those not familiar, I’d be surprised if their music didn’t warrant a “Who’s this?” from the less-informed.

I could see some eye-rolls with a song like “Yes I” as it is funny to hear white-boys shouting Jamaican patois in the whitest possible voice over a poppy reggae track about having weed — That aside, it’s still a fun song and another guilty pleasure I don’t mind indulging in. Depending on your threshold for poppy, upbeat music with an adolescent vocal tone will depend on how much of the record you can tolerate, but you can otherwise get through it with enjoyment. It’s nothing originally ground-breaking or earth-shattering, but again, its a fun a start-to-finish album should you want something positively upbeat for a fun time.

Written & Reviewed By: Mike Patti

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