Review: Robert Ledesma

Review: Robert Ledesma

Robert Ledesma – Any Moment
RobertLedesma_AnyMomentTrack Listing:
1.) Right Now
2.) By My Side
3.) Llego el Dia
4.) Give Me Love
5.) Thank You
6.) A Way
7.) Can’t Hold Me Down
8.) Sunny Daze
9.) Running from Your Love
10.) Un Dia Al Reves
11.) Seek the Truth
12.) You Know We All Relate
13.) Knock Down My Door

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 30th, 2017
Record Label: Reggae Speaks
Official Website: Robert Ledesma Website

Artist Background:
Originating from Berkeley, Robert Ledesma has been mastering his musical craft for years. Originally contributing to the “island feeling” vibes from reggae hip-hop outfit Clear Conscience, Robert Ledesma has recently branched out to release his debut solo effort entitled Any Moment from his self-owned label Reggae Speaks. In addition to his music, Ledesma offers pro audio services and artist development through his label as well.

Album Review:
Any Moment is an ambitious debut effort from Robert Ledesma, clocking in at around 50 minutes featuring 13 tracks. For the most part, this album flows well featuring a few standout tracks. However, after several listens some of the tracks can start to feel redundant and ordinary.

“Right Now” leads things off with some solid instrumentals and almost feels jazzy at certain parts, moving right into “By My Side” which is featured as one of the top tracks on the album. The song portrays imagery of taking you away somewhere to your own personal paradise on the water, without a care in the world coupled with romantic lyrics and more solid instrumentals. “Give Me Love” is another fun track with some prolific horns on the intro for the track and dub accents throughout.

“Can’t Hold Me Down” was featured as a highlight single for the album -– and rightfully so. Distorted guitars set the tone nicely on this one and Ledesma flows with some added notes of hip-hop. Keys and a mixture of stylistic instrumentals piece together “Running from Your Love” which adds itself to the list of highlighted tracks. For the most part, the remainder of the songs felt one-dimensional at times and struggled to separate themselves from one another.

This highlights for Any Moment are spearheaded by the solid instrumentals throughout the album in its entirety. Fire this one up if you’re out on the water for an afternoon and you’ll definitely get some enjoyment from it. The album doesn’t have too many layers however, so if you’re looking for a musical journey you might not leave completely satisfied. But in summary this is a fun record to jam along to and the release date fits perfectly with the summer.

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

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