Review: Sense Boardwear Acoustic Compilation

Review: Sense Boardwear Acoustic Compilation

Sense Boardwear Comp – Amplified; An Acoustic Collective
Track Listing:
1.) Intro
2.) Ross May – United State of California
3.) Seedless – Rise Up
4.) Goodbye Beatdown – Everybody (Where’s the Party At?)
5.) Ballyhoo! – Love Letters
6.) Rootdown – Me and You
7.) The Movement – Using My Head
8.) Pacific Dub – Dreaming
9.) Jeff Diamond – The Netherworld
10.) RAC – Valley of the Scum
11.) 3rd Alley – Space Cadet
12.) The B Foundation – Three Blind Mice
13.) Thye Simpkin Project – Moonlight Ska (ft. Ralph Arenas
14.) Stick Figure – Trouble Up There
15.) LuLu and Kamal (of Close Enough) – Cruisin (cover)
16.) Ross May – Go Getter
17.) Goodbye Beatdown – Sidewalk Salvation
18.) Rootdown – Maui
19.) Jared P. (of Knock-out) – Homesick
20.) Ballyhoo! – Mad Love

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Produced by: Michael Patti & Brendon Davis
Studio:Paradigm Studios

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Sense Boardwear Background:
Sense Boardwear, a surf, skate, music clothing line out of San Diego, CA, has been putting out Reggae-Rock compilation albums since 2002. This is a special, limited edition Acoustic Compilation & in Celebrating it’s 6th compilation release, all of the groups brought their own acoustic rendition of songs using all natural sounding elements from Acoustic Bass & Guitars to Piano & Saxophone; Ukulele’s to bongos from shakers to beat boxing with hand clapping & finger snapping. This album has over 1 hour of New & Unreleased Acoustic music from your favorite artists & groups in the Reggae-Rock genre!

Album Review:
The Sense Boardwear Compilation: Amplified, An Acoustic Collection is a great medley of artists and bands with a wide variety of styles and a great fusion of reggae, rock, ska and hip hop that create a perfect organic feel. Although the instrumental intro did the album no justice, I did however find myself skipping through the first few songs each time the album started. As every California based band has made the obligatory Cali anthem, Ross May was no exception; with the unimpressive United State of California. The next song was by Seedless Rise Up, a song I found didn’t portray the band’s otherwise awesome sound. Goodbye Beatdown’s Everybody (Where’s the Party At?) is where the fun begins, a lively song that sets the mood for what’s to come. The heart of the album is filled with upbeat reggae rhythms complimented by well crafted lyrics by the likes of Ballyhoo!, Rootdown, The Movement, and Pacific Dub, then comes a bump in the road called The Netherworld by Jeff Diamond that screams radio ballad! Luckily songs by RAC, 3rd Alley, The B Foundation, The Simpkin Project, and Stick Figure come to save the day (or the album!). Unfortunately, the must have cover song pops outta nowhere, asides from being unoriginal, I found it unnecessary with LuLu and Kamal’s Cruising. The album does end with a big bang filled with refreshing and heartfelt songs.

As always, with most compilations not every song is a good song, but in Sense Boardwear’s Amplified, the good songs are banging! This album did a great job of sampling bands and delivers a very organic sound with harmonies and melodies both beyond measure. The fun California feel will lift your spirits as it emanates positive vibes throughout. Particular favorites include Everybody (Where’s the Party At?) by Goodbye Beatdown, the playful, lighthearted lyrics make me wanna get up and dance every time. Me and You by Rootdown is a love song that I’m sure many don’t like to but can relate to. Space Cadet by 3rd Alley is constantly on repeat, I play it to get out of bed each morning. Three Blind Mice by The B Foundation demonstrates such great storytelling skills and its totally fun. Lastly, Homesick by Jared P. of Knock-out is the type of song every girl wishes was written about them.

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