Review: Slightly Stoopid – Top of The World

Review: Slightly Stoopid – Top of The World

Slightly Stoopid – Top of The World
1.) Top of the World
2.) Don’t Stop
3.) Devils Door
4.) Serious Man
5.) Way You Move
6.) Drink Professionally
7.) Ur Love (feat. Barrington Levy)
8.) We Don’t Wanna Go
9.) Ska Diddy (feat. Angelo Moore)
10.) Just Thinking (feat. Chali 2na)
11.) Deal With Rhythm
12.) Pon Da Horizon
13.) Work
14.) Mona June (feat. Angela)
15.) Rhythm Streets
16.) Hiphoppablues (feat. G. Love)
17.) New Day
18.) Underneath the Pressure
19.) Marijuana (feat. Don Carlos)
20.) I’m on Fire
21.) Intro to Organics (feat. Dan Papaila)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: August 14th, 2012
Record Label: Stoopid Records
Official Website: Slightly Stoopid Website

Group Background:
Slightly Stoopid is the quintessential jam band. Often times the prototypical label of reggae-rock gets slapped on their musical style, but restricting Slightly Stoopid to one genre is unwise. Since their formation and debut self-titled album release in 1996, Stoopid has blended surf rock, reggae, punk, ska, blues, hip-hop and acoustic rock music into one high-quality sound that is left unmatched. With eight previous albums, including one strictly acoustic album and a live CD/DVD released, the band has been approached numerous times by the suits and ties of big name record labels, but have stayed true to their grassroots independent route. And now, Slightly Stoopid has landed on the Top of the World with their seventh studio album.

Album Review:
Slightly Stoopid’s Top of the World continues the onward and upward trend within the band members’ musicianship, while bringing the purity and energy of their live shows into the studio for recording sessions. Top of the World is most comparatively aligned with Slightly Stoopid’s 2005 studio release of Closer to the Sun, except now the addition and solidification of both trumpet and saxophone are more profound. This is certainly not a step backwards, if anything, Slightly Stoopid enhanced their sound ten fold from their most successful album of all time.

Top of the World contains everything a music enthusiast will adore long after the first spin of the album. Whether the listener adores the hip-hop beats of the album’s title track, the uplifting horns on “Don’t Stop”, the pure roots-reggae style of “Work”, or the soulful cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire,” Top of the World has all the necessary qualities of an instant classic.

To take the album to another level, Slightly Stoopid invited a whole host of musical studs in their own right with Barrington Levy on “Ur Love”, “Ska Diddy” featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone, “Just Thinkin” featuring Chali 2na, “Mona June” featuring Angela Hunte, “Hiphoppablues” with G. Love, and the legendary Jamaican singer and songwriter Don Carlos on “Marijuana”.

The band name Slightly Stoopid doesn’t initially give off the sense of soothing melodies, full-brained lyricism and heartfelt tracks from beginning to end, but that is exactly what Top of the World portrays to the listener. Slightly Stoopid’s seventh studio album is the band’s most complete and all encompassing sound ever tracked, and they recorded it organically in their own studio on their own time.

If you are looking for a 21-track album that will keep the sense of feel good summer vibes alive long into the fall and winter seasons, then Top of the World is the ideal remedy to bring the sound of Ocean Beach, California right to your side.

Written & Reviewed By: Kris Siuta

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