Review: Starving Millionaires – It Aint Pretty

Review: Starving Millionaires – It Aint Pretty

Starving Millionaires – It Ain’t Pretty(E.P.)

Track Listing:
1.) Only Love
2.) Everything You Want
3.) Give In To You
4.) The Sound
5.) Brave
6.) Summer Radio

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Record Label: Long Beach Records

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Group Background:
California reggae/rock trio Starving Millionaires joined 2005 after singer/guitarist Eric and Moon (drummer) moved from Los Angeles, Ca to San Jose, Ca, the heart of Silicon Valley. The group released a self produced 5-track EP, First Ditch Effort, which attracted the attention of Long Beach Records. With fresh representation, the band hustled into the studio and compiled its first full length, 13-track LP, Vegas Drive which released internationally on Long Beach Records via US, Europe, Australia, and Global Cooling Records (Japan)..

Album Review:
Love can be a wonderful thing to experience, but as the songs on this EP will show you sometimes It Ain’t Pretty! Starving Millionaires seem to have tuned down their usually up tempo punk sound and created a very easy listening reggae infused EP. While listening to the different songs it was very apparent this was a concept piece in which love is the driving topic throughout. The album starts on a sadder note with the song Only Love a slower, key driven number talking about the hardships of keeping a relationship. The following song Everything You Want holds a nice reggae rhythm prolonging the trials and tribulations of love through its lyrics. The mood changes up with Giving in to You a much happier song, very sweet and romantic lyrics accentuated with an awesome guitar solo, this one is sure to put a smile on your face. The next song The Sound is much lighter and a nice homage to that reggae sound we all love and enjoy. The EP continues to take you through a roller coaster of emotions Brave is very mellow and a nice hopeful song, demonstrates their awesome guitar skills and is lyrically on point! One of my favorites in the album, very well crafted. The last track on the EP is very uplifting and the perfect summer song as the title suggests, Summer Radio is a great way to end a musical ride. The horns in this song are what make this tune so fun.

I found this EP to be the perfect Valentine’s soundtrack, what I call feel-good music. Very well put together with a constant easy flow as each track compliments the next, although all the songs talked about love Starving Millionaires did a great job with expressing all the different aspects of the topic which is what makes the EP so enjoyable. I would say it’s a very lovey-dovey work of art, yet not cheesy. They do a great job of taking you on a journey of emotions. I am looking forward to a full length LP from them!

Written & Reviewed by: Mariana Norcalchika Rojas

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