Review: Stone Ave – “Lose Control”

Review: Stone Ave – “Lose Control”

Stone Ave – Lose Control

Track Listing:
1.) Slow It Down
2.) Aint Gonna Waste My Time
3.) Coconut
4.) Good Feelings
5.) Can’t Wait No Longer
6.) Save The Rest
7.) Livin’ in LA
8.) In the Rain (Featuring KAT)
9.) Sextape
10.) Lose Control
11.) Could This Be Love

The Pier Album Rating:

Album Produced by: Lewis Richards @ 17th Street Studios
Label: 17th Street Studio

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Group Background:
Formed by the producer of 17th Street Studios, Lew Richards (of Jesus Wore Dickies & The holder of the platinum record for the Sublime self titled album) used, as he would call it, a “best of” collection of solo artists who actively record at the studio to create what is now being labeled & referred to as the music of Stone Ave. Viewed as a pop-hybrid of Reggae, Hip Hop, Blues, Funk & Soul, Stone Ave is based out of the southern CA skies of Costa Mesa & their debut album Lose Control includes guest appearances by Kat Nestal & Juan Rios of the band Seedless.

Album Review:
Slow It Down is a fitting song to open up the album and best represents the group in its description of Reggae, Hip Hop and Soul. From top to bottom the opening track is the best example of the potential Stone Ave is capable of producing with their lineup. The chorus features Juan Rios of Seedless as he also plays keyboard on the song while bringin a soulful R&B spice to the track. Sounds really good over reggae & is complimented well by Stone Ave’s lead vocalist Stone. Stone does a great job of flowing over the upbeat reggae rhythm thats laced over a drumkit beatin hip hop.

Slow It Down really sets the expectation for the rest of the album. While it holds its ground with other likable tracks such as In The Rain (Featuring Kat Nestel), Coconut, Sextape & Aint Gonna Waste My Time, it falls short of matching the quality of Slow It Down as this is the albums top song!

Could This Be Love is lyrically driven under a subtle setting of hip hop and closes the album out in style. Aint Gonna Waste My Time is the albums spotlight of Blues & Soul with a an accompanied blend of hip hop & reggae.

I had a hard time connecting with the rest of the album. The rapping in between choruses on a few songs sometimes gets redundant as lyrics often times ramble out. I give credit to strong vocals & harmonies that help break up the monotony of the rapping. Other times the singing was saved by a break in the beat with Stone mixing it up with a rap flow. The songs I listed above were the most complete sounding. The others I wasn’t as intrigued by. All great songs, but the ones I listed above stood out the most and left the biggest impression in it’s originality & message.

After giving the album a good thorough listen, I may wind up using Slow It Down, Could This Be Love, Sextape, CoConut & In The Rain on some future playlists of mine. With great production; this album is OKAY, but a good start in the right direction for a new group. I’d look forward to a follow up release, whether an EP or Album as I like what the group is introducing us to. I’d buy the album just on the songs listed above. It’s a good group with great originality in it’s sound & production. The lyrical hip hop brings a little edge to the pop flavored hooks & helps keep each song interesting with the change up in production.

Written & Reviewed by:
Mike Patti

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