Review: Taco & Da MoFos – Nocturnal Gold

Review: Taco & Da MoFos – Nocturnal Gold

Taco & Da MoFos – Nocturnal Gold
TacoTrack Listing:
1.) Nocturnal Gold
2.) One Night (Ft. Howi Spangler)
3.) Damn
4.) Secret Stash
5.) Songbird
6.) Alien (Ft. Dirt Nasty)
7.) Triple Wasted
8.) Welcome to Babylon
9.) Backroads
10.) Sayonara Butterfly
11.) Lately
12.) Bust My Chill
13.) Under The Sun
14.) Part Unknown (Bonus Track)
15.) Raise Your Cup (Bonus Track)
16.) Walking Up (Bonus Track)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: July 31st, 2015
Official Website: Taco & Da MoFos Website

Artist Background:
The humorously named Taco & Da Mofos are a 5 piece reggae-rock group from Tennessee. The group, whose real names are kept hidden for your protection, consists of: Taco (Vocals/Guitar), Keela (Vocals/Production/Keys) Charlie Mofo (Lead Guitar), Reno (Drums), and Boggy (Bass). Nocturnal Gold is the band’s fifth release, and their first since their iTunes reggae chart topping Sons of Beaches in 2013. Since 2001, Taco & Da Mofos have been spreading their party ambiance to thousands of fans across the country, and are hoping to strike gold with their newest release.

Album Review:
To call this a masterfully crafted work of art would be slanderous, but I have to admit, this might be the most entertaining album I’ve listened to all year.

There aren’t many albums that can address mosquito bites, Breaking Bad, and sex with extra terrestrials in the same track list, but Nocturnal Gold somehow manages to maintain an enjoyable quality despite its sometimes off-the-wall subject matter.

The album starts slow with the titular track “Nocturnal Gold,” a mellow acoustic and organ based tune peppered with nature sounds, but picks up immediately with the single “One Night.” Arguably the strongest track on the album, “One Night” discusses the search for a night of NSA fun through a seamless blend of hip-hop beats, guitar solos, Taco and Keela’s fun rhymes, and a killer chorus line by Ballyhoo’s Howi Spangler. Considering this year’s summer anthems, “One Night” is close to the top in my book.

We hear a consistent level of energy with “Damn,” and “Secret Stash,” the latter of which features some of the strongest flow from both vocalists, before the album takes a mellow pause with my favorite track, “Songbird.” Featuring playful lyrics and a lovable series of guitar solos, “Songbird” is an enjoyable song to accompany you on your morning jog or a long daytime drive.

Perhaps the most outlandish song on the album is “Alien,” a largely hip-hop based song featuring a guest verse from Actor/Comedian/Rapper Dirt Nasty that I couldn’t help but laugh at. Whether the song is good or not is probably best left to the opinion of individual listeners, but it’s definitely an interesting listen.

We then proceed to hear a fun audio snippet from Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman on the lively paced tune “Triple Wasted.”

The album features its most unique tracks on the punk headbanger “Welcome to Babylon,” the ska-based “Bust My Chill,” the mostly acoustic “Under the Sun,” and “Backroads,” which features country influenced lyrics and instrumentals.

From here, the album proceeds to end on an enjoyable but average note with “Waking Up,” a rock/hip-hop song that sounds like an unharmonious marriage between The Dirty Heads and Foo Fighters, and bonus tracks “Parts Unknown” and “Raise Your Cup.”

Sixteen songs is a lot for an album in today’s world, and I think there are a couple tracks that could have best been left off the album.

I found listening to Nocturnal Gold to be a lot like watching an action movie. It’s good not because of its artistic merit, but rather because it’s simply entertaining. This is a fun album, and that’s exactly what I want from a band with a name like Taco & Da Mofos. As much as I wish that there were some better harmonies and some stronger flow at times, I’m happy with the outcome of this album. In a summer that’s lacked an abundance of fun album releases, Nocturnal Gold fills the void with a unique brand of music. This album should win Taco & Da Mofos plenty of new fans, and fill the airwaves from road-trippers and partygoers alike this summer.

Written & Reviewed By: Andrew Aroche

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