Review: Taco & Da Mofos – Taco & Da Mofos

Review: Taco & Da Mofos – Taco & Da Mofos

Taco & Da Mofos – Taco & Da Mofos
Taco and Da MofosTrack Listing:
1.) S.L.A.D.
2.) Pocket Fulla PreRolls
3.) Saw You A Party
4.) Not Letting Go
5.) Mental Block
6.) All Up In That
7.) Summer Buds
8.) Not Enough
9.) Jamaican Rum
10.) Stoned In The Moment
11.) Change The Station
12.) Songbird 2.0 (Bonus Track)

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Release Date: August 26th, 2016
Official Website: Taco & Da Mofos Website

Artist Background:
The humorously named Taco & Da Mofos are back with their sixth album, a follow up to 2015’s sleeper hit Nocturnal Gold. For this album, the Tennessee based 5 piece reggae-rock group consisting of: Taco (Vocals/Guitar), Keela (Vocals/Production/Keys) Charlie Mofo (Lead Guitar), Reno (Drums), and Boggy (Bass), collaborated with their DJ, Flip, and Alex Romero, who mixed the album at Cleartrack Studios. Unlike most albums, this self-titled album was put together inside a couple of months, as members Taco and Keela traveled between the East and West coast. “At the end of the day, it was so us and such an organic process with no over thinking moments for us that coming up with an actual album name wasn’t possible,” says Keela. “Because the album was simply who we are at this very moment in time. Taco & Da Mofos.”

Album Review:
Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Right?

Upon listening to the first track, listeners are re-introduced to the upbeat ambiance and silly rhymes that made Taco & Da Mofos one of our favorite artists of 2015. Featuring an array of synthesizers, keys, and a level of energy that only this band can bring to a track, “S.L.A.D” is an enjoyable track that doesn’t play too well as a single, but should serve well as an opener for live shows.

Following the route of more traditional singles are “Pocket Fulla PreRolls,” a fun tune with a repetitive chorus line that’s borderline maddening, and “Saw You At A Party,” a goofy but sweet ode to the one that got away.

As I said with Nocturnal Gold, to call this a masterfully crafted work of art would be slanderous. What Taco & Da Mofos lack in lyricism, they make up for with charm and energy. These songs aren’t arranged with utmost professionalism or written in a poetic manner, but they’re fun, and that’s what this band is all about — However that isn’t a free pass. If Taco & Da Mofos want to reach new musical and professional heights, they will need to improve their songwriting and production value on future releases.

The album segues into more electronic based beats with “Not Letting Go” and “Mental Block,” two high-energy but average songs, before returning to a steady stream of summertime tunes.

The band does an excellent job of turning goofy and sometimes NSFW subject matters into charming tunes, as seen in “All Up In That” and “Summer Buds.” These songs are arguably the strongest part of this album, as they highlight the band’s musical strengths and character, while songs like “Not Enough,” “Stoned In The Moment,” and “Change The Station” allow the band to demonstrate their underappreciated rap skills.

In questionable fashion, the band opted to close the album with “Songbird 2.0,” a bonus track and supposed remix of my favorite track from Nocturnal Gold. I enjoy “Songbird,” however I didn’t find 2.0 to be much different from the original version other than the addition of some unpleasant effects. With an already impressive amount of new songs written for this album, the addition of this track felt unnecessary.

When it comes to fun, you can count on these guys to deliver. With this album, Taco & Da Mofos proved that despite their imperfections, they’re able to release a consistent stream of unique and enjoyable songs. Although this album doesn’t quite capture the magic that made Nocturnal Gold so loveable, it’s still an enjoyable album from front to back; especially considering it was put together in less than six months. However, expediting this album proved to be its Achilles heel. Taco & Da Mofo’s Self Titled is definitely worth your attention, but I can’t help but wonder how much better this album could have been had they devoted more time to polishing the finished product.

Written & Reviewed By: Andrew Aroche

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