Review: The Green – Hawai’i 13

Review: The Green – Hawai’i 13

The Green – Hawai’i 13
Track Listing:
1.) He Mele No Ku’u Hawai’i
2.) Even Before
3.) Good One
4.) Something About It
5.) Power in the Words
6.) Good Vibe Killah
7.) Chocolates & Roses
8.) Hold Me Tight
9.) Striking Up a Love
10.) Take Me On
11.) Forgive Me
12.) Count to 3
13.) Stand & Rise
14.) Always and Forever
15.) Hawai’i Aloha

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: August 20th, 2013
Record Label: Easy Star Records
Website: The Green Website

Group Background:
The Green is the six piece roots reggae-R&B-soul band from the islands of Hawai’i. The band quickly found momentum with the release of their first album—2010’s “The Green.” The debut album’s success led to a record deal with East Star Records and band’s sophomore album, “Ways and Means”—which peaked at #1 on iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts in 2011. Along the way the band has been nominated for several awards, toured extensively, played alongside some of music’s best and forged a steady upward momentum. Hawai’i ’13 is the band’s latest release, and the first to have an outside producer steering the process—namely Danny Kalb, who has worked with Ben Harper, Beck and Jack Johnson to name a few.

Album Review:
Hawai’i ’13 is exactly what you’d expect from The Green—killer vocals, strong songwriting and quality production. Hawai’i ’13 begins and ends with a chant. The listener is transported to Hawai’i with “He Mele No Ku’u Hawai’i” and “Hawai’i Aloha”—chants asking for blessings, knowledge and guidance. Everything in between is an infectious mix of roots reggae, R&B and soul, along with The Green’s trademark Island sound.

“Good One” is a fun, upbeat tune with a catchy melody and singable chorus. “Something About It,” “Forgive Me” and “Power In the Words” are all strong tracks as well. The latter is sure to become a fan favorite. The song’s simple, yet thought provoking message mixes with an island-pop-reggae sound to create a tune that will stick in your head.

As with previous albums, the strength of Hawai’i ’13 is The Green’s outstanding individual and collective vocals. This is most apparent on “Chocolate & Roses,” “Even Before,” “Hold Me Tight” and “Striking Up a Love.” The songs are a mix of Island sounds, Motown-type arrangements and Babyface swagger. Similar to Al Green in the 70’s, a couple of these tracks can help create that “perfect” moment with that significant other. Whether we admit it or not, everyone loves a good love song, and for reggae fans these tracks are sure to help get you some.

The Green has quickly established themselves as one of reggae-rocks most versatile and talented acts. Hawai’i’13 is another outstanding showing by The Green and easily one of the best reggae albums of 2013. The album is a nice balance of upbeat, fun reggae-R&B tunes, love songs and positive messaging. Hawai’i’13 is sure to appeal to reggae fans, as well as a broad range of music lovers, and only further accelerates the band’s upward momentum.

Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg

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