Review: The Green – Love & Affection EP

Review: The Green – Love & Affection EP

The Green – Love & Affection EP
Track Listing:
1.) Love & Affection
2.) Got Me In Love
3.) She Was The Best
4.) Travlah
5.) Tavlah Dub

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Release Date: August 9th, 2011
Record Label: Easy Star Records
Official Website: The Green Website

Group Background:
Hawaiian natives, The Green, had a big year in 2010, releasing what iTunes called ‘The Best Reggae Album of 2010,’ touring cross-country, and ultimately signing to Easy Star Records. The group will be releasing a new full-length titled Ways and Means on October 25th, 2011, but for now, they’ve gladly provided all of us with a small taste of what’s to come with their new EP, Love and Affection.

Album Review:
Coming hot off the tail of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, The Green’s new EP, Love & Affection, finds the band drifting along on the back of modern dancehall and reggae music with fluid rhythms and stirring vocal harmonies. Like their debut, the highlight here is the Green’s all male four part vocal harmonies, which add a lush new layer to much of the already well-pieced instrumental vibes. With sharper production, sharper songwriting, and vocal harmonies so smooth this band could moonlight as a Doo Wop group, Love & Affection demonstrates that this young band is rapidly maturing in terms of songwriting and musicianship.

The album opens with the sizzling dancehall number “Love & Affection” with sensual lyrics and groove hot enough to burn down any dance-floor. Throw in the smoldering guitar solo and the track literally sounds like it’s on fire.

“Got Me In Love” cools things down a bit, leaning on a rocksteady beat and lush synth work. The following track, “She Was The Best,” follows a similar formula. The least aggressive track of the EP, and the most piano-driven, it’s an ode to love with a bit of a doo wop flair to it as a lead vocalist calls and a small choir responds, offering a dual-perspective motif that the band employs brilliantly throughout the album.

“Travlah” relights the fire “Love & Affection” sparked. It’s the one track of the EP that isn’t a love song, and it packs quite a punch. A dancehall beat with a much more aggressive vocal tonality, it bears some resemblance to “Rootsy Roots,” the album closer from The Green’s debut. Both tracks share the same sense of urgency, the same dynamic thrust, and a little bit of kick.

“Travlah Dub” is, obviously, a dub of the aforementioned “Travlah,” mixed by Michael G of Easy All-Stars fame. Michael G’s bass heavy dub allows the rhythm section to really shine, as the drums pound and hammer like thunder from above and the bass wallows deep. Almost all the lyrics have been removed, leaving behind only a ghostly chorus that intermittently shouts the harrowing syllables “Stop” and “Babylon.”

The Green’s latest effort points to a band growing into their newfound success quite comfortably, as they’ve tweaked their sound to be sharper, more focused, and certainly a bit more ferocious. Though they are still young, the band shows much promise. Their next full-length, Ways and Means, will be Oct 25th 2011, and if this EP is any indication, it’s bound to be another noteworthy listen.

Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

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