Review: The Green – Ways & Means

Review: The Green – Ways & Means

The Green – Ways & Means
Track Listing:
1.) Keep On
2.) Decisions
3.) Gotta Be
4.) Travlah
5.) Ways & Means
6.) Jah Love
7.) Got Me In Love
8.) Love & Affection
9.) Good Vibration
10.) Love Is Strong
11.) She Was The Best
12.) Transparent People
13.) Come In (Feat. Jacob Hemphill of SOJA)
14.) That’s The Way

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: October 25th, 2011
Record Label: Easy Star Records
Official Website: The Green’s Website

Group Background:
Hawaii’s The Green burst onto the national reggae music scene in 2010 with their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. After nearly a year of solid touring and promotion for their debut album, the band announced in July of 2011 that they’d be teaming up with Easy Star Records to release their second album. Ways & Means was produced by The Green and Easy Star All-Stars mastermind Michael Goldwasser.

Album Review:
On their sophomore release, Ways & Means, The Green leaves no stone unturned in their quest for growth, development and progression. The songwriting is more mature with varied moods and unexpected twists littering the album. The production shines. The rhythms dance. And the band’s ever romantic, laid-back island attitude never falters nor fails to envelope the listener in a world where everything is lightly shaded with a hint of green.

The highlight of the album remains the band’s mesmerizing four part harmonies. Like a classic doo-wop group, these four voices don’t just stand parallel. They often intertwine and intersect, entangling their rhythms and wandering through each other’s space in perfect harmony.

Despite the remarkable improvement, the music doesn’t sound pressured or nervous at all. For most young groups, so much debut success might result in an over-produced, over-thought mess, but for The Green, this album suggests the opposite. The band sounds like they’re having fun throughout the record, smiling with breezy island vibes like a lazy afternoon in Maui.

Ways & Means is everything a music-lover should expect from a sophomore release. It’s an improvement, but not a drastic departure from their previous work. It’s an album of growth, maturity, concentration and depth. Above all, the band makes it look easy, gracefully drifting along with the same easy spirits that made their self-titled debut such a fun listen.

Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

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