Review: The Reggae Wave Compilation

Review: The Reggae Wave Compilation

Inner Circles Presents – The Reggae Wave Compialtion
Track Listing:
1. Inner Circle – This Is Reggae Music
2. Jahfe – Miami Vice
3. Fourth Dimension – Kings Highway
4. The Resolvers – Itchy Mind
5. Stampede Movement – DangeRas
6. Spred The Dub – Politricks
7. Mixed Cult – Cuantos (Tiempo Mas)
8. Spred The Dub – Be Free
9. Mixed Culture – Shall Grow
10. Stampede Movement – Mellow Memories
11. Skafyah – Moshiach Mon
12. The Resolvers – Out of My Frame
13. Fourth Dimension – Levanta
14. Skafyah – Eliajuh
15. Roots Shakedown – Up, Up and Away
16. Jahfe – Pressure

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Group Background:
Inner Circle was formed in 1968 by Ian and Roger Lewis. Throughout the 1970’s the band was one of the most popular recording artists in Jamaica. The band is currently based in Miama where they run Circle House Studios, one of the most popular and respected recording studios in Miami.

January 12th marked the beginning of “The Reggae Wave” project at Circle Village . In attendance were representatives of Jahfe, Fourth Dimension, Roots Shakedown, Spred The Dub, Skafyah and Stampede Movementas well as Inner Circle, Lance O of Kultcha Shok and Abebe Lewis of The Abebe Lewis Marketing & Branding Group. Members of Inner Circle as well as Abebe Lewis and Lance O addressed the bands on a collaborative project entitled “The Reggae Wave”. The Reggae Wave will allow the bands to expand their fanbase and create a movement or “wave” outside of their respective “hotspots” by contributing to a compilation EP that will be available to fans for free via physical product and viral partnerships.

Album Review:
First and foremost, please disregard the star rating for this album. Since this is a compilation featuring a wide variety of bands, I really couldn’t give this small glimpse of each musicians’ work a comprehensive star rating without feeling like that’s a bit of a premature judgment.

Anyway, aside from that this is really a stellar collection of reggae music from “eight unique bands with one vision;” I assume this one vision was awesome and eclectic roots and reggae music.

The album opens with “This Is Reggae Music” by Inner Circle (also known as the guys who wrote “Bad Boys”), a fitting intro considering it is 1.) the most roots reggae of all the tracks and 2) thereby serves as point of origin for the listener, preparing for a journey across one wide open range of reggae styles.

The album steadily jumps between seedy dub, roots reggae, upbeat ska and dance-hall. It’s less of an album or cohesive set of work and more like a quick snapshot of several great bands who make something that falls under the umbrella term of reggae. “Be Free” from Spread the Dub, jumps and skanks with group chants and rude boy charm while “Mellow Memories” from Stampede Movement hits a doo wop stride and “Cuanto (Tiempo Mas)” from Mixed Culture throws the mix a Latin twist.

Do note though that there isn’t anything that would really be considered reggae-rock on this compilation. Roots, dub, latin, ska – sure, but nothing we’d consider similar to the reggae-rock vibes. But then again, that just demonstrates how wide the reggae umbrella really is and just how many different bands and styles fall within the genre’s subcategories.

The Reggae Wave is overall a fantastic, varied collection of reggae music. Each artist brings their own unique flare to the compilation, and, did I mention, it’s available for FREE download. Enjoy it for yourself & get it HERE

Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

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