Review: The Resolvers – Big Band Reggae EP

Review: The Resolvers – Big Band Reggae EP

The Resolvers – Big Band Reggae EP
Track Listing:
1. Go With It
2. Out Of My Frame
3. Itchy Mind
4. Special Delivery
5. Breathe
6. Last Train

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: March 20, 2012
Record Label: RSLV Records
Official Website: The Resolver’s Website

Group Background:
Originating from Deerfield Beach, Florida, The Resolvers have played along side international acts like Yellowman, The Wailers, SOJA, and Matisyahu to name a few. Their first EP, H’amsa, has been garnering excitement since 2008 and the group is currently working on their first full length album. Their upcoming EP, Big Band Reggae, was available at live performances a few weeks before the digital release and debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Reggae Charts without even being on iTunes yet.

Album Review:
Music is a creature of change and it seems only natural that a particular genre of sound would evolve over time and turn into something completely different. The Resolvers new album, Big Band Reggae, comes along and completely erases any notion of what you thought reggae music was capable of.

By incorporating elements from a wide range of musical genres including jazz, blues, soul, and even ragtime swing, while still maintaining a reggae backbone, they are able to create a sound that is powerful and multifaceted.

The first song on the album, Go With It, launches off with a “1, 2, 3, come on!” and jumps into full swing. The Resolvers waste no time showing you what they are capable of and Go With It features a barrage of horn solos, harmonies, and a melody that will have you moving in no time. Right from the start you can tell the album is impeccably mixed and mastered, allowing even the smallest sounds to shine through.

Another favorite on the album, Special Delivery, is full of high energy, lush tones and entices the listener with a hook that is so catchy you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day, “I got a special delivery…… ya!” The band knows the power behind a good hook, because on songs like Go With It, Special Delivery, and Last Train the chorus is simple, yet utterly infectious.

Itchy Mind slows things down and takes the dynamic in an entirely different direction. This track layers dubbed out vocals, blues guitar solos, and hard hitting keys which highlight the groups range and versatility while still holding on to their unique style. The song is rich with emotion and you can feel it permeating off each guitar lick and strike of the keys. If you like this song be sure to check out Breathe, which gives the Easy Star All Stars’ version a run for its money.

Each song on the EP is so artfully and meticulously crafted that had this been a full-length release I think it could be a real contender for album of the year. With their latest release, The Resolvers hold nothing back, and by the sound of the 6 song selection we will surely be hearing their name again (and again) in the future.

Written & Reviewed by: Ashley Allred

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