Review: The Seed – A Better Way

Review: The Seed – A Better Way

The Seed – A Better Way
Track Listing:
1.) Head-Band
2.) New Things
3.) Just Live
4.) Easier Said Than Done
5.) Realize
6.) I Want To Know Ya
7.) 8 Days In Portland
8.) Bouncy Moves
9.) Only The Lumbering Giant
10.) Love Me Like You Do
11.) Little Bird
12.) From the Antenna

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 1st, 2011
Record Label: Beard & Pen Records

Group Background:
The Seed is a roots, rock, and reggae influenced band originating from Springfield, Missouri. Known for their dynamic live show and sweet melodies, The Seed is no stranger to the music scene. Playing over 300 shows since 2008-current. They have released one studio album and an EP under the Springfield based record label Beard & Pen Records. Currently they have just released their 2nd studio album, titled A Better Way.

Album Review:
Listening to The Seed’s latest release, A Better Way, for the past couple of weeks has given me one hell of a case of writer’s block. Usually I’m able to describe music with relative ease, but this time the words just aren’t coming. Perhaps, it’s because listening to this album is the sonic equivalent of the itis. No words, no thoughts, no feelings, just peace. At this very moment, the album’s opening track Head-Band is seeping through my headphones right now, and I can hardly summon to mind any words outside the song’s little mantra, go with the flow of love…

Same goes for most of the album, really. For the most part, A Better Way is a nice example of well-constructed reggae built on positive vibes and sunshine. I don’t use the term ‘nice’ when describing music mostly, but this time, that’s the only word that really fits. This music is just nice. Like if I saw this album were a person, it would probably smile all the time and smell like daffodils. It’d be a pleasure to have around, though you wouldn’t miss it terribly whenever it’s missing, like kind acquaintances you only seen every now and then at a certain party or bar or whatever.

There’s a couple of missteps here and there, particularly the track Realize, but almost every other track on the album repeats that same lazy summer day kind of vibe. The vocal harmonies are sugary, the melodies are usually the exact opposite of evocative, drowning the listener in total pacifism. Seriously, I’ve moved all the way through the first half of the album to mildly jazz-tinted 8 Days In Portland and now all I want to do today is hang out with my dog in the park.

Yeah, A Better Way is a nice album. A little bit of sweetness, some good-vibes, and some gentle serenity accompany pretty much every track (except Realize) of this 12 song chill-fest. Just make sure you don’t have anything terribly important to do before listening.

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Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

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