Review: The Throwdowns – Legs of Our Own

Review: The Throwdowns – Legs of Our Own

The Throwdowns – Legs of Our Own
Track Listing
1.) Don’t Stop Get it Get it
2.) Follow the Sun
3.) Heart Attack
4.) How We Walk
5.) If You and I were The Last Two on Earth
6.) I’m A Warrior
7.) Kihei Town
8.) Know I’m Gonna Want it
9.) On the Radio
10.) Shake Your Bonez
11.) Stay HI (Feat. Marty Dread)
12.) Stolen Car
13.) Swallow Me Whole

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Release Date: August 6th, 2011
Official Website: The Throwdowns Website

Group Background:
The Throwdowns, originally from Hawaii, are a mix of contemporary rock with a subtle hint of reggae undertones. The band has been nominated for two Hawaiian Grammys and spent the last two years performing with acts like Steel Pulse, Matisyahu, Sublime with Rome & Anuhea. After the success of their debut EP, Don’t Slow Down, they headed back into the studio to record their first full-length album – Legs of Our Own which was released on Aug. 6th, 2011.

Album Review:
You don’t see many bands these days with a female lead vocalist, and The Throwdowns vocalist Erin Smith definitely proves she can hang with big boys with her incredible range. The overall feel and sound of Legs of Our Own seems more mainstream than a lot of other bands in the same category and I could easily imagine songs like On the Radio and Don’t Stop Get it Get it being played on repeat via MTV and other commercial airwaves.

The song On the Radio was released as a single before the rest of the album, to get the fans excited. With a more contemporary rock feel expressed by bands like Paramour or The Fray, the song allows them to cover more ground and widen their fan base across numerous genres. If you like this song you’ll also enjoy Know I’m Gonna Want it and Swallow Me Whole, which share some of the same type of grungy guitar solos and high-hat heavy drum beats.

Stay HI featuring Marty Dread is the most reggae influenced track on the album and is already a hit on radio stations in the Islands. The song opens with trailing dubbed out vocals before jumping right into the rhythmically catchy first verse. Marty Dread sporadically calls out in the background and keeps the same general tone until Marty takes the lead. The juxtaposition of vocalist Erin Smith’s soothing tone and Marty Dread’s rough and rugged voice creates a nice balance that is highlighted by the simple bass and guitar lines.

Legs of Our Own has such a variety of sounds, although mostly rock influenced, the band tries to incorporate dub effects and reggae undertones. It seems like the band is still trying to find their groove in a tidal wave of sounds. And while some songs may sound a bit awkward in terms of composition, The Throwdowns prove they are not afraid to try new things in their quest to find a sound that is truly unique. I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear from The Throwdowns, and I’m excited to see how their sound develops and matures in the future.

These songs on Legs of Our Own obviously took a long time to create since they are all so complex, but sometimes less is more. Instead of focusing on and appreciating the incredible vocal range or the intense guitar solos, I was distracted. The Throwdowns have all the key elements in place; they just need to figure out how to highlight each element so they can complement one another instead of competing. But, those things come with time and are all part of the creative process we’re looking forward to developing.

Written & Reviewed by: Ashley Allred

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