Review: Three Legged Fox – Watch The World

Review: Three Legged Fox – Watch The World

Three Legged Fox – Watch The World
3LFTrack Listing:
1.) Stay
2.) Remember Me
3.) City of the Queen
4.) Another Year
5.) Dancing Down the Freeway
6.) Peace or Worry
7.) Ultraviolet
8.) Get Us Home
9.) Ready to Burn
10.) Indiana Snow

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Release Date: March 31st, 2017
Official Website: 3LF Website

Artist Background:
Philadelphia-based indie alternative-reggae rockers Three Legged Fox have been gracing speakers, headphones and concert venues with their presence for 10 years. With five albums now to their name, they are no strangers to the studio either, with each record offering noticeably solid production. Three Legged Fox over the years have garnered a solid grassroots following from their collection of fans far and wide, and they are also used to collaborating and sharing the stage with big names over the years including Rebelution, Passafire, John Brown’s Body and many more. Three Legged Fox is comprised of Kyle Wareham (vocals and guitar), Christopher Duddy (guitar), Mark Carson (bass), Jon Duxbury (keyboards) and Kory Kochersperger (drums).

Album Review:

Watch the World offers a breath of fresh air for Three Legged Fox, as the bulk of the album takes a pivot to more contemporary, chorus-driven tracks, all-the-while experimenting with new sounds but continuing to integrate bits and pieces of reggae-rock. Watch the World is the first offering from the Philly-based quartet since 2014’s We Are Electric.

The overall theme of Watch the World –- which began its recording process in 2015 –- was to make a record that encompasses an overall celebration of life with songs you can dance and sign to after the band had put together some self-described “darker albums.” To a large degree, there was a conscious effort to build an updated version of 2009’s Not as Far.

Leadoff track “Stay” provides a low-tempo, lean back-and-forth ballad for listeners to enjoy with uplifting instrumentals and twangy guitars. “Remember Me” was the first single released by the band, March 3rd, in support of the new record featuring more of a reggae-rock sound with smooth vocals and instrumental work.

“City of the Queen” feels like a gospel song, boasting sweet, light guitar work and the clean-meets-crunchy riffs 3LF has been offering for so many years as well, diving into a sneaky-good solo before the song crosses the finish line.

As a disclaimer, track 4 sneaks up on listeners as something fans are likely not expecting whatsoever — “Another Year” enters as a bluegrass track with steady banjo and violin action. However, the argument can be made that it’s not so surprising after all for such a track to be on the record, as four songs in to Watch the World has already yielded hints of reggae/rock/pop/country to showcase the bands overall diversity within their ever-changing sound.

“Get Us Home” stands out as another highlight and is possibly the strongest song on the album, featuring another melting pot of various genres enveloped into one track, accentuated by a powerful, moving and memorable chorus. The final track on the album, “Indiana Snow” is a get-your-lighters (or cell-phones) out at the concert kind of song. It could even be described as a country track, but boasts harmonizing guitars throughout and is also the longest run-time of any song in the bands catalog at 7:21.

3LF has often shown the ability to integrate emotional feelings into their music and give listeners “all the feels” at times. In doing so, the band crafts memorable experiences for their listeners when they push play. Watch the World is no different, offering a wholesome musical journey with excellent production for those who will (and should) take the time to listen to it. This record will be an acquired taste for many –- those who are expecting a solely reggae-driven album may look elsewhere as even though the album works in various reggae themes, Watch the World doesn’t entirely feel like a reggae album. But Watch the World surely has plenty to offer, and is a great return from a band always bringing something new to the table.

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

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