Review: Through The Roots – Take You There

Review: Through The Roots – Take You There

Through The Roots – Take You There
Track Listing:
1.) Dancing in the Rain
2.) Higher
3.) All Of Your Love
4.) Take You There
5.) Slow Down
6.) No Worries
7.) Like That
8.) On This Vibe
9.) Down To Earth

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: July 30th, 2013
Website: Through The Roots Website

Group Background:
Out of San Diego, CA, Through The Roots is comprised of Evan Hawkins (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Chris Cruz (Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Brady O’Rear (Keys), Taylor Boatwright (Drums, Vocals) and newcomer Ross Garcia (Bass). The group came together as a band in 2008 and blended its unique sounds of reggae and rock music. TTR quickly captured music fans’ attention all over the West Coast and soon was touring across the U.S. with many of the top performers in its genre. In the past five years, TTR has toured or played with high-profile groups Rebelution, Iration, Tribal Seeds, The Green, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Passafire, Pepper, The Expendables, Natural Vibrations and Alborosie. On July 30th 2013, the group released their debut album, Take You There.

Album Review:
This is an easy album to like & commit to, plus it’s only nine songs which is one of my favorite things about this album. A lot of bands are releasing new music this year with 15-16 songs, which is nice, but sometimes overwhelming. What Through The Roots did was deliver 9 of their best songs to put on display with their Debut album. I see it as making sense & making it easier on new listener’s to absorb.

While the album is titled Take you There, the biggest message I took from their debut release is “Dancing In The Rain”. Hands down the album’s best song and it’s the lead off, so immediately I’m intrigued. It’s an anthem with so many meanings that regardless of what the song is about, you can build your own interpretations of why you would be Dancing In The Rain. I see it as a positive reinforcement to the unpredictable thunder & lightening in our day to day lives. If it’s going to Thunder & Lightening, you mine as well Dance In The Rain. I can dig that and makes me love the song more & more.

There’s a celebrated sound of Rebelution & Iration with this album. I see those 2 bands as heavy influence throughout and that’s not a bad thing. Through The Roots still sticks out in their own right and if you enjoy an original blend between Rebelution & Iration, I believe that’s the best way to describe the album to new listeners.

Vocalist Evan Hawkins doesn’t have an overwhelming great voice, but he satisfies the songs with simplicity and a clear delivery; again, making it easy to like & want to sing a long. He shows off his ability to flow on “Slow Down” & “Higher”, while the rhythm section is the brass of Through The Roots as they delivery a heavy & deep sound. There’s a lot of roots-reggae with poppy hooks, hip hop verses paired with a lovers rock vibe preaching love & positive change.

Some of the album’s highlights include songs “Dancing In The Rain”, “Slow Down”, “Take You There”, “Higher” & “Down To Earth”. While I’m not declaring it album of the year, I’d highly suggest picking up the album because there’s a lot to like about it. A lot of it has been done before, which doesn’t quite make it a breath of fresh air, but there’s enough to inhabit a good time with. “Dancing In The Rain” is becoming a timeless song in my music collection.

Written & Reviewed By: Mike Patti

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