Review: Top Shelf – There’s A Place EP

Review: Top Shelf – There’s A Place EP

Top Shelf – There’s A Place EP
Track Listing:
1.) There’s A Place (Feat Stevie Culture)
2.) Earthquake
3.) Stereo
4.) Save Me
5.) 3am (Feat. Jay of Paua)
6.) As She Sings

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 29th, 2012
Official Website: Top Shelf’s Website

Group Background:
Top Shelf’s last album, The Sound, debuted at #9 on iTunes Reggae Chart and #15 on Billboard’s Reggae Chart. The band is currently on the road as part of a 12-date romp across Asia with The Mystic Roots. Incorporating more electronic elements that have brought a futuristic vibe to their productions, their new EP, There’s A Place, sounds like it was brought back from the future to the masses in 2012.

Album Review:
The first thing you hear on the opening title track, There’s A Place, is lead singer Carter Lane’s voice ringing out loud and clear. For the rest of the song his voice is almost hushed, like he’s letting us in on a secret, “There’s a place, So far away from here, There’s a place, Listen and you can hear…” My favorite song on the album, it showcases their unique laid-back sound and easy to follow lyrics that will appeal to the masses.

3am features Jay from Australian reggae band, Paua, and is a more sensual track with some pretty steamy lyrics, “Roll the windows down turn the radio up slide by my side and lets get corrupt…” However, the smooth guitar solos and reverbed drums conjure up feelings that no lyrics ever could.

Overall, the album has a laid-back Pepper style vibe, but with an electronic twist. Heavy synthesized keys are the star on tracks like Earthquake, and As She Sings. It’s an unexpected twist that adds to the layers of complex sounds present in each song and highlights the band’s ability to blend elements from numerous genres in a way that is both coherent and cohesive.

The six-track EP is full of ringing dub effects, grunge rock guitar solos, and smooth lyrics. Each song sticks to the same mellow mood and seems well within the bands comfort levels. Even thought I would have liked to see a more upbeat track thrown in somewhere, the band stays true to their sound and does it well. The album flows well together, and while the lyrical content might seem a little forced at times, the band sounds tight and has impeccable timing. Top Shelf continues to build a solid foundation for themselves that is sure to be noticed and appreciated by true fans.

Written & Reviewed By: Ashley Allred

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