Review: Trevor Hall – Everything Everytime Everywhere

Review: Trevor Hall – Everything Everytime Everywhere

Trevor Hall – Everything Everytime Everywhere
Track Listing:
1.) Introduction
2.) The Return
3.) Brand New Day
4.) Fire (featuring Cherine Anderson)
5.) All I Ever Know
6.) Different Hunger
7.) Dr. Seuss
8.) Te Amo
9.) Good Rain
10.) The Love Wouldn’t Die
11.) The Mountain

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: August 19th, 2011
Record Label: Vanguard Records
Official Website: Trevor Hall Website

Group Background:
Trevor Hall’s career sprouted at the young age of eleven in South Carolina when he got his first guitar. Since then he has released 7 studio EP’s or LP’s, not to mention two live albums. In 2009 Hall inked a deal with Vanguard Records. Everything Everytime Everywhere is his third release with Vanguard records in almost three years. Hall is about to hit the road with SOJA.

Hall’s tasteful mixture of pop/rock with hints of reggae has landed him nationwide tours with dozens of nationally recognized groups such as Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley, and Ben Harper to name a few. He found inspiration from his two of his heroes Bob Marley and Ben Harper in writing universal songs that are permeated with themes of devotion and community. Hall himself donates some of his earnings to charities supporting Indian children as he has even journeyed to India to gain a first-hand understanding and support for the communities in India.

Album Review:
Trevor Hall isn’t your typical pop/rock artist; reggae legend Bob Marley is a primary motivator for Hall’s message and goal as a musician. With that being said, Hall tied his adoration for reggae’s biggest legend to his own style and Everything, Everytime, Everywhere was born. The eleven track album was produced by Jimmy Messer, who also co-wrote one of the fan favorites titled “Dr. Seuss,” a song that encourages the enjoyment the great things that life has to offers

Many songs embrace positivity and love as lyrical profundity is not lacking. My favorite song “Return” is about coming home after straying off the beaten path. The different instrumental layers and melodies are wholly reggae inspired. Hall’s voice is the faultless fit for the style of music he chose to create. All it took was one listen to “Return” to decide Trevor Hall’s vocal capacity was fit and proper. “Different Hunger” seems to be on the same page as “Return,” as Hall is again longing for love through an optimistic lens.

“Brand New Day” was the first single that Trevor Hall released. He urges listeners to get up and celebrate life as a new day rises over an upbeat poppy progression. The song screams radio-ready and it isn’t alone. In “Dr. Seuss” Hall quotes the famous author himself while it has the capacity to be a hit.

It was apparent after first listen that Trevor had no bounds for what he would include on Everything, Everytime, Everywhere. In addition to the repeating appearances of reggae and pop/rock throughout this album, Hall includes acoustic tracks such as “Te Amo,” Latin for I love you.

Everything, Everytime, Everywhere contains a lot of variety, and only with a voice like Trevor Hall could it happen. His musical style may span across multiple genres, but a universal message of love is steadfast throughout Trevor Hall’s most recent album.

Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

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