Review: Tunnel Vision – Tunnel Vision

Review: Tunnel Vision – Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision – Tunnel Vision
TunnelVisionTrack Listing:
1.) Citrus Skies (Ft. Angela Hunte)
2.) Live This Way
3.) Wake Up Slow
4.) My Right
5.) Skateboard
6.) Meaning Of Life
7.) Tides
8.) Liquid Fun
9.) Between You & Me
10.) We Are The Kids
11.) Up All Night
12.) Surf Heist
13.) Time Flies
14.) SC Dub
15.) Tunnel Vision

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Release Date: July 10th, 2015
Official Website: Tunnel Vision Website

Artist Background:
San Clemente based Tunnel Vision is a five-piece Reggae/Ska band comprised of Hayden Hanson (Guitar and Vocals), Jacob Hernandez (Bass), Tanner Payan (Drums), Matt Risley (Keyboard), and Doug Alani (Saxophone). Starting out as trio of friends working in retail, manufacturing surfboards and performing at surf competitions, it’s safe to say that Tunnel Vision live and breathe surf and skate culture. Since adding their keyboard and saxophone player, the once small time band caught the attention of Slightly Stoopid’s Miles Doughty, Kyle McDonald, and Dela, and were invited to record their debut album at Slightly Stoopid’s studio “The Lab” in San Diego, CA. Taking influence from bands such as Sublime, Mad Caddies, NOFX, Slightly Stoopid, and Rancid, Tunnel Vision teamed with Grammy winning producer James Wisner to bring their infectious sound to the forefront of the scene.

Album Review:
It isn’t often that an up and coming band can attract the attention of an industry heavyweight such as Slightly Stoopid, or even get a Grammy winning producer to work on their album, but at first listen, its easy to understand why Tunnel Vision has garnered so much attention in the early part of their career.

The influence of bands like Slightly Stoopid and Mad Caddies is blatantly obvious, however, the band does a great job of upholding their sound without impersonating it. Starting off with “Citrus Skies,” the band teamed with singer-songwriter Angela Hunte to create a casual but well developed tune that pairs rich instrumentals such as the easy strumming of an acoustic guitar and lively horn sections along with the harmonious blend of Hayden Hanson and Angela Hunte’s voices. My inner romantic would like to point out that you’d be hard pressed to find a better song to listen to while watching the sunset, but its really an ideal track to enjoy at any hour of the day.

From here, the album carries on with a mellow theme on songs like “Live This Way” and “Wake Up Slow” before taking on a more ska-based sound with “My Right,” “Skateboard,” and “Meaning Of Life.” Whether its fast and fun or slow and soothing, Tunnel Vision seems to thrive no matter what pace they play at. Hayden Hanson’s voice adapts well to both acoustic and punk tones, and the rest of the band backs him with proficient instrumental ability. The album has an exceptionally high production quality, which helps accentuate the band’s instrumentals such as the guitar solo on “Wake Up Slow” and Doug Alani’s sax solo on “SC Dub.”

As much as I enjoy this album, I have to admit that there is no real musical standout outside of “Citrus Skies.” There aren’t any bad songs here in my opinion, but after listening to so many similarly sounding surf and skate songs, I started to feel like the album became stagnant.

Tunnel Vision’s self-titled release is a strong introduction into the scene, and with the support of Slightly Stoopid, they should go far. This band is without a doubt one of the year’s best new artists, and the success of this album so far proves it. This album isn’t perfect, but when you take into account the band’s instrumental skill and the production quality of this album, it’s hard to ignore the future breakout potential for Tunnel Vision.

Written & Reviewed By: Andrew Aroche

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Listen: Tunnel Vision- “Citrus Skies” (Ft. Angela Hunte)