Review: Weege – FM Gold

Review: Weege – FM Gold

Weege – FM Gold
1.) The Hook
2.) Always Be The One
3.) Excuses Are Useless
4.) Lighting Up (feat. Danelle)
5.) The First Thing
6.) Waste Of Time (feat. Danelle)
7.) Voice Of Reason (feat. Danelle)
8.) I am Undefeated
9.) Make A Move
10.) The Hook (M-Word)
11.) Where You Been (feat. Danelle)
12.) Live Forever

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Release Date: June 22nd, 2012
Record Label: Dub Rock Records
Official Website: Weege’s Website

Group Background:
Hailing from Campbell, CA is Weege, songwriting duo formerly of 880 South. Luigi Casaretto AKA Weege and Greg Madeiros put their new spin on the eighties-centric AM Gold television commercials with their debut album ironically titled FM Gold.

In 2002, the duo helped pioneer a reggae-rock revival with their group 880 South. With their newest project nearly ten years later, Weege experiments with a healthy mishmash of Hip-Hop, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Soul, and even Funk. FM Gold blends both natural and digital elements, while multiple new characters are involved with the production. To add a feminine touch, Weege invited guest vocalist Danelle Medeiros, recently of The Year. In Addition the album was co-produced by the Weege duo as well as The Holdup’s Clev Stiles.

Weege’s debut record is sponsored through Dub Rock Records, based in San Jose. FM Gold was recorded with the Propellerhead Reason 6 software at Emerson Studios in Campbell, CA and mastered by Steven Murr.

Album Review:
Luigi “Weege” Casaretto’s lyrics have always batted around the social edges of American culture. Whether the music is the heartbeat of the party, a beach-ready anthem, or a celebratory summer song, their lyrics always reflect where the grass is greener. With FM Gold, Greg Madeiros and Casaretto nobly dance around the ideals of love and relationships, all-in-all with a hint of friskiness from the males perspective.

With an impressive resume in the reggae rock community, Weege tweaked the ambiance to eclipse over a broader audience. Weege’s vocal range and message is fitting for the pop alternative stretch, not to mention the vocal extension with the feminine touch of Danelle Medeiros. A catchy duet resides in the song “Voice Of Reason”.

At the other love extreme, were songs about growing closer together. In “Light Up”, Weege and Danelle Medeiros sing over an acoustic, island rhythm about the musician-to-fan relationship and live show atmosphere. More intimately are the two versions of“The Hook”. The “M-Word” version was an authentic marriage proposal, fortunately in favor of Casaretto.

There are also hip-hop moments, such as in , when Casaretto spits a few verses over a renewed electronic vibe, the result of digitized production. The synthy leads and guitar licks created the majority inventive harmony. However, the humdrum percussion elements hunger for the mylar and copper-sounds of a typical drum set.

Although the duo claims to have moved on from the sounds of reggae-rock, their cali-vibes did not remain completely dormant in FM Gold. “Live Forever”, Weege reminisces over a mellow skank rhythm about old friends and lasting experiences, singing “It was good to be young and free” throughout the chorus.

The Weege duo surely constructed a unique feel-good debut for the summer. FM Gold is a collage of alternative, pop, acoustic, and reggae that effectively describes love, hate, good times, and the benefits of maintaining a healthy social life in general.

Written & Reviewed By: Matt Emodi

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