Review: Zach Deputy – Wash It in the Water

Review: Zach Deputy – Wash It in the Water

Zach Deputy – Wash It in the Water
Strange NightsTrack Listing:
1.) Wash It in the Water
2.) Put It in the Boogie
3.) Chevrolet
4.) Scrambled Eggs
5.) The Music
6.) Edna
7.) You Got It All
8.) Loving You
9.) Jump in the Water
10.) Some Days Are Harder
11.) It’s All Right

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Release Date: September 9th, 2016
Release Date: Organic Soul
Official Website: Zach Deputy Website

Artist Background:
Zach Deputy is a Georgia-based multi-instrumentalist. Best known for his one-of-a-kind live performances, Deputy’s music is an exciting blend of practically every genre you can think of. Though he’s adept at a number of instruments, perhaps Deputy’s greatest strength is his vocals. Zach is equipped with a remarkable vocal range, effortlessly switches between vocal styles, and is a seriously skilled beatboxer. Wash It in the Water is Zach Deputy’s 4th studio album to date, and incredibly, every instrument heard on the album is played by Deputy.

Album Review:
We wouldn’t expect anything less from Zach Deputy, but Wash It in the Water is an absolute melting pot of music. The album features everything from hip-hop and R&B, to soul, funk, and soca. Deputy doesn’t take himself too seriously on Wash It in the Water, and the result is a bundle of carefree, feel-good music. It’s an equal balance of Caribbean flavor and Southern charm.

Wash It in the Water begins with a couple of tracks meant to activate your dancing mood. The title track “Wash It in the Water” is a bubbly track with an island groove, and Zach brings the funk on “Put It in the Boogie.” The latter is a song Deputy has been playing live for some time, but it deserved a proper studio version. On top of a heavy thumping bass line and sharp, clapping drums, Zach soulfully sings about getting down in whatever part of the country he finds himself in.

Deputy puts listeners into a deep groove once again on “Scrambled Eggs.” He drops a rap in the song’s 2nd verse with lighthearted rhymes like, “everybody just move your body, because we get funkier than a Porta-Potty.” This track may be the best example of just how versatile Deputy is as a musician. He cleverly mashes up funk and hip-hop, and throws in some quick guitar licks for good measure.

The halfway point of Wash It in the Water introduces us to “Edna,” a catchy song about a crazy groupie stalker. After “Edna,” the album turns to Zach’s softer, more emotional side. Though Deputy is known for his happy-go-lucky, anything goes songs, he proves that there’s no problem for him writing the occasional tender ballad. “You Got It All” and “Loving You” are a pair of piano-based tracks that play off each other nicely. “You Got It All” begins the transition; The lyrics still delivered in a rap-style, but clearly a different approach then the first half of the album. Shortly after is “Jump in the Water,” a sweet and uplifting song about Zach’s daughter.

On Wash It in the Water, Deputy definitely saves the best for last. “Some Days Are Harder” is a simple, but powerful song that sets aside all the album’s sunniness, and admits that some days are in fact harder. The song winds down with Zach advising, “Let’s just let it go.” That line and the rhythm continue onto the final song, “It’s All Right,” which is a response to the previous song. It’s a smooth and relaxing ramble that perfectly rides out the album.

Wash It in the Water offers a little bit for everyone. There are plenty of appealing rhythms and singable lines, and variety of musical styles. In my eyes, individual songs like “Paramus” and “Real” from Zach’s previous album Sunshine pack a bigger punch, but as an entire album, Wash It in the Water is Deputy’s most complete album to date.

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Winters

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