Rick Haze ‘Daily Observations’ Album Release

Rick Haze ‘Daily Observations’ Album Release

Just a few weeks ago, Rick Haze dropped the first single off his upcoming album, “Daily Observations.” Now the time has come for the South East coast native to fully release the follow up to his 2012 debut album. Released today, March 4th, the originator of G-Funk Roots will be sharing his “Daily Observations” with entire world!

As previously mentioned, Rick has been busy putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album while launching a brand new website. He has also stayed occupied with getting everything prepared for the grand opening of his official studio in Florida.
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Just last week, Haze randomly decided to release another single. “Stick Up” is the first track on the album and it features The Steppas from Hawaii. This, however, isn’t the first time the two artists have linked up. Rick was also featured on The Steppas self-titled album on the track, “Hits.

According to Rick, the album was done “old school style” in the Mellowave Recording Studio. By this, he meant it was strictly created on an Akai MPC while using vintage dub effects. Rick adds, “The album took nearly a whole year to complete as I decided it was time to take the whole project on 100% by myself, whereas before I would have an engineer mix and master everything like most artists do. I had spent all my time learning everything there is to know about engineering and producing, all while getting my lyrical skills up and writing.”

Not one to hold anything back in his lyrics, Rick spoke the truth about his album as well. “Daily Observations is a journey through the past year and a half of my experiences in the music industry and my final months in the U.S military. Creatively, the album mixes a lot of emotions and musical style. I really tried my best to represent ME and MY style and not so much imitate what is popular in reggae or hip-hop. Every track was crafted to spit truth and nothing more. A lot of artists are afraid to go certain places and say what’s on their mind, but in this case it didn’t matter. I steer my ship and am now entirely dependent on myself only. I don’t care about petty things and feel that if I can be as true to myself as possible, then people will feel it.”

Don’t forget, Rick Haze’s “Daily Observations” drops today, Tuesday, March 4th & you can purchase the full-length at his new website, RickHaze.com, as well as get free downloads of the first two singles off the album!

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Article By: David Garcia