ROME & DUDDY “Cactus Cool” (Album Review)

ROME & DUDDY “Cactus Cool” (Album Review)


ROME & DUDDY “Cactus Cool” Review


The boys are knocking it out of the park again, my friends! Rome (Roman Ramírez) from Sublime with Rome, and Duddy (Dustin Bushnell) from Dirty Heads, are turning up with their latest album, Cactus Cool, released last month. This is a must-listen, as their fusion of country, soul, and rock with transcending oceanic vibes moves you to a better and different state of mind.

The first track, “Cannabis Tree,” is a sweet country trip to the coast. It’s beautiful with blends of reggae and southwestern country, and the merge of Rome and Duddy sweeps you off your feet. The music has a surf and sand landscape feeling. I’m ready to hit the beach!

“I’ll Be Right Here” is a tip of the hat to friendship and love. It’s a story of mutual pain we all share but always know you can lean on your friends. There’s always someone there, so don’t give up. My personal favorite is “Coast of Mexico,” of course! This track takes you straight to the coastal winds of Mexico. This music compilation is an experience to be had!

The merge of these two giants in this six-track masterpiece brings on a whole new vibe of mellow and positive energy. Together, their vocal abilities and love for the music transcend your soul no matter what kind of day you’re having. From my perspective, I will be listening to this daily, as my music medicinal doses of positive energy. The album CACTUS COOL is on the next level up there with the greats like Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney. So don’t miss out!

Watch ROME & DUDDY’s music video for  “Good Times” ‘ below!

Review by: Suzanne Sanchez