Sabotage Soundsystem to Release New Song Each Month

Sabotage Soundsystem to Release New Song Each Month

Sabotage Soundsystem is a side project started by Pepper guitarist/vocalist Kaleo Wassman and former Pepper sound-man Remy Derochemont who released their first album The Boto Machine Gun via Volcom Entertainment in 2009. Now on Law Records, they will be releasing a new single each month for a year. We reached out to Kaleo who had plenty to share…

Kaleo describes the group as “freedom from any dogma on how to record or release music. Its raw with the vibration of not overthinking what the fun is. It just is. Sabo is a place to relax and play whats on your mind.” This seems more like a artistic outlet that isn’t constrained to any of the obligations that come with being in a successfully producing group as he is in Pepper. “Sabo has reminded me this year that overanalyzing and trying to hard to create Some Mythical Hit for people to like can be KaleoWassman_InTheBarrelPhtoexhausting. Music is so fun if you let it be. And I believe the only limit a person has are the ones they make for themselves.”

After putting out an album close to 10-years-ago, Kaleo tells The Pier: “What Sabo is bringing to 2018 is one digital release every month for a year. We started with a song called ‘Let It Begin’ which was released in February. After the Year of digital releases, all the songs will be combined to an album only available on Vinyl.”

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“Let It Begin” dropped on February 14th with Kaleo’s signature vocals that immediately make it feel like a new Pepper track over an acoustic driven reggae song. The song was produced in Oceanside, CA at Kaleo’s home-studio where he has been working on everything for the past 15 months. In describing the song, Kaleo describes it as “Summer here in North County, San Diego. It’s my interpretation of life around me in O’side. I am proud to live here and other then Hawaii this is home. Universal Audio has helped me and Law Records do some amazing things here with so many collaborations.”

On March 14th, Sabotage Soundsystem released their second single, an acoustic jam called “Periscope.” It seems there’s a pattern of each new song being released on the 14th of each month and after each song has been released, they will be taken down digitally and made available on vinyl.

Pepper still takes priority in case fans may speculate this as Kaleo shifting from Pepper to Sabotage Soundsystem. This is an outlet he pursues outside his main passion with his mates in Pepper. Kaleo goes on to tell The Pier that he can see Sabotage opening up for Pepper as well as all the bands supported as family within the genre. We look forward to what the 14th of each month brings us from Oceanside, CA’s Sabotage Soundsystem.

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You can find Sabotage Soundsystem’s music on Spotify or own it via iTunes by clicking HERE! You can catch Kaleo with Pepper on tour this summer with Slightly Stoopid and Stick Figure.

Listen: Sabostage Soundsystem – “Let It Begin”

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Article By: Mike Patti
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Listen: Sabostage Soundsystem – “Periscope”

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