Sam Scarce needs YOUR Help!

Sam Scarce needs YOUR Help!

Over the last 3 years the Reggae-Rock community has grown both in it’s popularity & awareness. The popularity seems to be almost instant when new ears are greeted by the sounds, but creating the awareness is a collective effort achieved by those behind scenes. Sam Scarce is one of those people, who behind scenes over the last 3 years, has made a huge impact on the reggae-rock community, taking part in the marketing & management with a lot of the pioneers in this growing reggae-rock genre.

Sam has contributed to some of the wonderful music & tours that remain timeless in our experience and priceless in it’s cost and has been a respected member of the community recognized by Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Fortunate Youth, Micah Brown, Seedless, Pacific Dub, Ease Up, Top Shelf, C-Money & The Players, The B Foundation, 17th Street Studios and more…

Sam Scarce Needs a KIDNEY DONOR

In January 2011 at just the young age of 26 years old, Sam Scarce was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and now requires 9 hours of dialysis every night in order to stay alive. Being realistic, Sam Scarce may not be alive in 10 years relying on dialysis every night.

Sam Scarce can live a LONG HAPPY LIFE and here’s where YOU as a fan of this community, can help create some awareness for Sam Scarce…

It’s our shared goal to help find a Kidney Donor for Sam Scarce. Help us create awareness for Sam Scarce in his search for a Kidney Donor. Donating a Kidney may not be a commitment you yourself can make and that’s understanding. But you can have a part by creating awareness for Sam’s search by sharing this story with everyone you know in hopes of finding and attracting a kidney donor.

At No Financial Cost To You!

The Procedure will be fully covered by Sam’s insurance and while the Kidney Donor may have to take about a week out for the procedure & recovery, a fundraiser is currently being built so any wages, or travel expenses are paid for and taken care of. You can send all questions and inquiries to For more information and updates on all of Sam’s progress, please visit his caring bridge website HERE

Because of the overwhelming response, Sam has been asked to field the first round of questions before calling Cedars to begin the screening process. If you are interested in giving the gift of life or becoming a living donor for myself or someone else, Please email Sam with any questions or concerns and he will give you the number to his Cedar Sinai Coordinator. Due to an overwhelming amount of calls initially, he had to take down the public viewing of the telephone numbers.

“If you don’t have a goal that is slightly out of your grasp, then you have already started to die.”

Here’s a video that Sam’s dialysis process. Lets you step into his shoes for a minute.

Here’s the latest update on Sam Scarce as of November 9th.