Save Ferris Is Writing a Third Studio Record

Save Ferris Is Writing a Third Studio Record

After a 10-year-hiatus from 2002-2012, front-woman Monique Powell re-started ska band Save Ferris and dropped an EP titled, Checkered Past in February 2017 that included 5 brand new songs. While the band is promoting their first ever Live Album, we caught up with Monique to discuss the status of a third full length studio record.

Save Ferris has only released 2 full-length albums since its 1995 inception and it seems there is momentum building as they’re currently near the end of the writing process for a new record. While fans wait for a 3rd studio album, Save Ferris added a Live Record to their catalog that will drop on vinyl; a format that Save Ferris music has never been played on before.

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The live record will include songs from the first 2 albums, but the big question we get from fans, especially since last year’s Checkered Past EP, is when will the group release a third studio album? Monique tells The Pier: “I’m writing the new record right now, I’m just writing lots of new songs. I want to write as many songs as possible in the time that I have to do it and and then choose the 10 songs that I think are best.” As for covers? “Probably no more covers in the future for me.” [Haha]
Monique alluded to the record including guest appearances, telling The Pier: “There’s a lot of people we’ve spoken to that are going to be on the record, but its too early to say who just yet. I’ve been writing with Charlie Paulson from Goldfinger, doing some writing with Marshall Goodman from Long Beach Dub Allstars, so there are some exciting guest writers at the moment. Probably going to co-produce with Dave Stone and I’m writing it from a beats perspective. Dave writes the beats, I sing to them and we just start adding instruments from there.”

The band is nearing the end of the writing process before heading into the studio. They’re hoping for a late-fall release to be followed by some heavy touring. “Touring is what I really want to do,” Monique proclaims. “The incentive is to get the record done so we can get back on the road!”

Save Ferris will be on the road in May playing across the pond at UK’s touring Slam Dunk Festivals over 3 days on May 26th, 27th & 28th where Monique shared her excitement to see and play with The Skints at the same festival telling us “I’m really looking forward to seeing them, I like them a lot!”

With so much creative momentum, Monique concludes in telling The Pier that she’s even considering a potential solo record: “It was definitely not in the big picture, but when I started writing this record, there were songs that I thought weren’t Save Ferris songs and they were songs that I liked, so I figure I should probably release them at some point.”

Stay tuned as we continue to follow Monique & Save Ferris on their path to their third studio record. In the meantime, make sure you look into getting your copy of their new LIVE Album on Vinyl via Hardline Entertainment by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: David Norris

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