Seal’d In Vain’s Debut Self-Titled EP

Seal’d In Vain’s Debut Self-Titled EP

Following the debut of their music video “Passo al Passo”, roots reggae artists from Rome, Seal’d In Vain released their first self-titled EP via RedGoldGreen Label. These tracks present unique sounds that originate from dub reggae, rock and country all while using two languages, English and Portuguese!

Emerging from Rome, Italy, Seal’d In Vain is a collective movement formed by varied artists and friends who have come together to produce quality reggae music. Recorded in Rome at Studio 24 Grandi, the EP contains a collection of reggae roots sounds complemented with vintage instruments, from original guitars from the 50’s to the Wurlitzer electric piano and even the Hammond organ.

Not only does this compilation of tracks showcase dub reggae music, the EP fuses rock and country into the mix creating a style Seal’d In Vain likes to call “dub & roll.” To experience “dub & roll” listen to the tracks titled “Smile” and “L’Oro”. You can also hear it on “Heart Full of Soul,” a cover song from the legendary British 60’s band, The Yardbirds.

Seal’d In Vain EP Track List:
12998710_1372781016081192_5532178123394429278_n 1.) Heart Full of Soul
2.) Too Many Rivers
3.) Passo al Passo
4.) What a Light
5.) Smile
6.) L’Oro
7.) Too Many Rivers (Shaman Monkey Dub Mix)

While the instrumentals on this EP create its melodic contour, the lyrics are just as complex: “Too many rivers cross, too many rivers to cross to see the light on the horizon, ” from their track “Too Many Rivers.” This thoughtful EP raises awareness on current concerns, feelings and political and social issues present in Africa and the Middle East.

You can pick up Seal’d In Vain’s EP online by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Julia Goodman

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