September 2012 Album Releases

September 2012 Album Releases

This past Summer was a season of memorable musical moments, filled with an abundant amount of big national tours & long awaited album releases. As if the past three months were not enough for fans, the fall season is shaping up to be no different!

Mainstream artist like Bob Dylan, Green Day, The Killers, Smash Mouth, Dave Matthews Band, The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and a slew of other notable names, all have an album due out in September!…This month the reggae rock scene isn’t slacking either. The Pier has its own set of notable names to spotlight this month. Don’t miss these seven highly anticipated albums dropping in September!

September 2012 Album Releases

Echo Movement – Love and the Human Outreach
Release Date: September 4th
Echo Movement, the six-piece band out of Asbury Park, New Jersey, has released their new album! Love and the Human Outreach has its roots in love, travel, space, and evolution. In fact, the band took actual data from the NASA Kepler Space Telescope Mission and turned it into audio data. The six month project drew help from the SETI Institute, and the Sonification Lab at Georgia Tech to produce audio from binary star system. Essentially, the raw space data was composed into a five-part melody, holding true to the album’s roots of space exploration and bringing something undoubtedly unique to the record. This is just one of many surprises Love and the Human Outreach has in store.

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Black Roots – On The Ground
Release Date: September 10th
Black Roots, the prominent British Reggae band of the ’80’s, have released their brand new album On The Ground. It has been more than twenty years since the original line up was in a studio together, but it seems like the group never took a break. With their return, the Black Roots have maintained the classic vibes that will appeal to their fans and will strike a chord with a whole new generation of reggae fans. These new tracks have a social message that is just as prevalent today as were the songs from the 1980s. Finally, decades after their inception, through the combined efforts of Nubian Records and Sugar Shack Records, Black Roots are back with a brand new full length 17 track record!

Listen to On The Ground, HERE!

NOFX – Self-EnTitled
Release Date: September 11th
It had been rumored for the past year and half that the most successful independent punk band of all time was cooking up something. Finally the much anticipated 12 track Self Entitled album had dropped! Released on September 11, 2012 through Fat Wreck Chords, this is the twelfth studio album by the American punk rock band, NOFX. Produced by Bill Stevenson (Hot Water Music/Rise Against), this new record, follows several EPs, and is the band’s first full-length effort since their 2009 album Coaster.

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Pasadena –Nowhere Fast
Release Date: September 14th
East Coast reggae-rock outfit, Pasadena, is set to drop their new album, titled, Nowhere Fast on September 14th. Recorded in Washington D.C.’s Airshow Studios, Nowhere Fast, is the highly anticipated, full length studio follow-up to Pasadena’s 2008 release, Sick and Tired. When asked about the concept, the group told The Pier, “The title and title track are about a seemingly pointless situation that you cannot give up on. Pretty much the outlook of a struggling band who has been doing everything independently for years, but it can also apply to relationships or careers that are going Nowhere Fast.”

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John Browns Body – JBB In Dub
Release Date: September 18th
Reggae veterans, John Brown’s Body, have been pretty busy in recent months, not only putting together their first new release since 2008’s Amplify, but a U.S. cross-country tour as well. JBB in Dub is a 7-track EP that will be released September 18th via Easy Star Records. The release seeks to embody both their classic reggae roots as well as their progressive new-school dub style. The track list includes six dubs as well as “The Grass”, which features vocals from JBB front man Elliot Martin. The EP was mixed by former JBB engineer and current 10 ft. Ganja Plant band member Craig “Dub Fader” Welsch in his studio.

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No Doubt – Push & Shove
Release Date: September 25th
Earlier this year, No Doubt, the ska/punk/reggae/rock band that ruled the 90’s, finally resurfaced announcing the release date for their next album. Now, after several promotional television appearances, the band is set to release Push and Shove, their 6th album and first in over a decade. The album has been produced by Mark “Spike” Stent, who was behind the production on their Rock Steady album. They have also collaborated in production with Major Lazer, reportedly taking influence from Ska & Reggae for the new album.

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Seeed – Self-Titled
Release Date: September 28th
Seeed, the German, multi-lingual, hip hop, reggae, dancehall group is set to release their new album at the end of the month. The eleven member international reggae outfit, famous for hits like “Waterpumpee,” will release their self titled album on September, 28th.

Check out the imaginative music video for the first single “Beautiful”, by clicking HERE!

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  • Article By: Aaron Solomon