September 2013 Album Releases

September 2013 Album Releases

This month Reggae and Rock genres continues to crank out albums fans are sure to love, including new music from veteran performers, Pepper and Jack Johnson, and even a record from the mysterious 10 Ft. Ganja Plant! Be sure to check out these 14 new releases dropping this month.

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    September 2013 Album Releases

    Pepper – Self-Titled
    Release Date: September 3
    After much anticipation, Pepper’s self titled album and first full-length studio album in over 5 Years dropped September 3rd.

    The trio recorded in various studios throughout the past year, working in the studio with Matt Wallace, a veteran producer known for his work with Maroon 5, O.A.R. and Faith No More. Recently signing with a major label for the second time, the group teamed up with Island Def Jam Records.

    It’s a sound that stays true to the band’s famous island party vibes, including elements that they’re known for, while also extending the sound deeper than the Surf-Reggae-Rock sound that made them so successful.

    “It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done as a band to make this record,” says guitarist/vocalist Kaleo Wassman, when discussing the recording process of their new self-titled album. “It speaks loudly and widely to a broader audience while maintaining everything good about the band, which, first of all, is our positive attitude.”

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    RDGLDGRN – Self-Titled
    Release Date: September 3
  • Currently on tour with Pepper, supporting the release of their debut of their self-titled LP, Virginia’s RDGLDGRN, pronounced Red Gold Green, are starting to make a name for themselves through out the nation. Even though their capitalized name may sound like a Reggae act, the group boasts a highly stylized sound, billed as Indie Go Go, a sound that features a drum beat with a distinct DC syncopated rhythm. By fusing hip-hop, punk and indie rock to create something fresh and unique, the band is acquiring attention from many new fans and well-respected musicians.

    Adding onto the trio’s self-titled EP released back in February of this year, the RDGLDGRN LP includes 10 tracks produced by Kevin Augunas and recorded at Fairfax Recordings, the same building once know as the inconic Sound City Studio, in Van Nuys California. In addition to recording in a place rich in musical history, RDGLDGRN was fortunate enough to sequester the infamous Dave Grohl to track all their drum parts, as well as attracting Pharrell to lay down a part on the single, “Doing The Most.”

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    Hirie – Self-Titled
    Release Date: September 3
    Hirie is one of reggae-rocks newest acts. Born in the Philippines, raised in Italy and a self-described“island girl at heart,” Hirie is making her music debut with her self-titled album. According to Hirie, the name means music that lifts you to a “higher place.”

    Hirie via Roots Musician Records is proud to present her self-titled debut album. Released on September 1st, the record will include 13 original tracks and 4 bonus tracks which feature 3 dubs as well as “Sensi Boy Remix” by Maad T-Ray.

    The album features a mix of roots, reggae and pop, along with a handful of dub remixes and four strong acoustic tunes. Hirie pays homage to a reggae legend, gives the listener a glimpse into her relationships and provides some lessons in love along the way.

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  • You can pick up Hirie on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    The Clash – Sound System (Box Set)
    Release Date: September 10
    Even though they only played as a band for about 7 years, their legacy has continued, and on September 9 (in the UK) and September 10 (in the US), The Clash will be releasing Sound System, a 12 disk box set, shaped like an eighties boom box. A 33-track, 2 CD best-of compilation, The Clash Hits Back will also be released September 9 and 10.

    It’s sequenced to (nearly) mimic a set at Brixton Fair Deal from July 19, 1982, with the addition of eight tracks. The set has re-mastered versions of their five studio albums; 1977’s The Clash, 1978’s Give ‘Em Enough Rope, 1979’s London Calling, 1980’s Sandinista!, and 1982’s Combat Rock. It will also include video of their first recording session in 1976, unreleased demos from later that year, B-sides, remixes, outtakes, live cuts and all of their music videos.

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    Alific- Echoes From The Soul
    Release Date: September 10
    On September 10th, Alific will be releasing his sophomoric album “Echoes From The Soul”. Composed of 14 new original tracks, the record also features guest appearances by Stick Figure and Thievery Corporation. This record will be released under a new grassroots label & the first under Rootfire Records.

    Alific self-produces and records all his music from his home recording studio located in Washington, DC. The musically diverse producer uses his skills with the goal of “influencing others to learn and use music in their everyday lives to help benefit themselves.” The good people at Rootfire were first exposed to Echoes From The Soul while they were discussing ideas for future mixtapes. Alific sent over the album, which featured collaborations with bands such as Stick Figure and Thievery Corporation. It was then that the decision was made to use the album as the first release from the label.

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  • You can pick up Echoes From The Soul now, by clicking HERE!

    Sono Vero – Roses For The Reckless EP
    Release Date: September 15
    On September 15th, LA natives Sono Vero will be releasing their Roses For The Reckless EP for all the Reggae lovers to enjoy. With the success and great sounds coming from their most recent singles, it was only natural that they stick with what’s working, and that meant having Lew Richards’ & 17th Street Recording Studios expertise to back them up.

    The announcement to put out the EP came just about a month after the release of their latest single, “Give You The World”. Sono Vero says they plan on having some guest features such as Moi of Tomorrows Bad Seeds on the harmonies, but are trying to keep it a surprise for the fans. [Related: Sono Vero’s Give You The World Single]

    Lead singer, Charlie Ueda, left The Pier with a little more insight to the making of the new EP and why it is so special for him. “Every single song has been given 110% of my writing abilities. Most of the material is very personal and it is truly amazing to have such an outlet for my thoughts like music.”

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    Jack Johnson – From Here To Now To You
    Release Date: September 17
    It has been almost three years since the release of his last album. Jack Johnson and the band have been in the studio recently, recording and working on a new album in Jack’s Mango Tree studio with producer Mario Caldato (On and On and In Between Dreams).

    Jack and the band are happy to announce that they will have new music coming out on September 17th through Jack’s Brushfire Records. From Here To Now To You will be Jack Johnson’s sixth studio album, and first set of brand new original songs since his 2010 album To The Sea.

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  • You can pick up From Here To Now To You now, by clicking HERE!

    Anuhea – Butterflies
    Release Date: September 17
    After many trips across these great United States, Hawaiian native, Anuhea has compiled her live recordings in the form of a live album titled Butterflies.

    Anuhea explains, “I wanted to name the album “Butterflies” to commemorate the feeling that you get before you go on stage– that fluttering in my stomach, that nervous, excited-ness that never fails to fade for me, even after all these shows.”

    Distributed under Jimmy Buffett’s Mailboat Records this release features 10 songs recorded live throughout her tours over the past couple years,, as well as a bonus disc with previously unreleased-on-disc singles like “Forever Summer”, “High On Love” and “Perfect Day.”

  • You can pick up Butterflies on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    The Flatliners – Dead Language
    Release Date: September 17
  • Known for putting on a killer live show, with the “perfect concoction of break-neck guitar rhythms, complementary solos, sing-along lyrics and danceable interludes,” on September 17th, Fat Wreck Chords will be releasing Dead Language, the fourth studio album from Toronto’s, The Flatliners and the follow-up to the band’s acclaimed 2010 album Cavalcade.

    Recorded by long-time producer Steve Rizun, Dead Language is the band’s most personal and invigorating record to date. The album features 13 new tracks filled with intelligent songwriting, arena-sized choruses, big guitars and a distinct musical fluidity that comes from playing together as a band for over 10 years.

    Vocalist Chris Cresswell had this to say, “Dead Language is the culmination of 10 years of hard work – our first album in 3 years and our 4th overall. We were finally able to capture our sound and energy as a touring band on record, having recorded the majority of these songs live off the floor. This was easily the most fun we’ve ever had recording and I think that comes through in these songs.”

  • You can pick up Dead Language now, by clicking HERE!

    Jon Wayne and The Pain – Surrender
    Release Date: September 23
  • Over the years, Midwest reggae rockers Jon Wayne and The Pain have staked out their claim in the genre, supporting their two full length albums, touring with their unique blend of psychedelic Reggae sounds created by blending Reggae-Rock, Roots, Pop, and Ska with evolving bass heavy tangents of electronic dub. Following their sophomoric release of Follow Through, the jamming trio will build upon their “Reggae-Tronic Dub” repertoire with the release the 13-tracks of their third album, titled Surrender on September 23rd.

    As stated on their Facebook page, Jon Wayne & The Pain’s upcoming new record will be dedicated to the memory of their buddy, Jason Aukes, former talent buyer and manager of Minneapolis, Minnesota venue, The Cabooze. The same venue JWP is set to play on Sep 20th to celebrate the release of the new album.

  • You can pick up Surrender now, by clicking HERE!

    Mystic Roots – Camp Fire Vol. 2
    Release Date: September 24
    On June 4th, Mystic Roots Band released their 3rd studio album Camp Fire Vol.1, a record that featured appearances by Katherine Ramirez, Mykal Rose Tippa Irie, plus a trumpet spot by C-Money of Slightly Stoopid. Set to be released as a double album, Camp Fire Vol. 2 will be released entirely as a remix album on September 24th, along with a box set.

    Volume Two, FIRE, will feature remixes of all of the tracks on the CAMP album. These DJ/dance remixes range from EDM, Dubstep, and House to Dancehall, Trap, and Hip-Hop. The producers were specifically handpicked for their creative ability to take these Mystic Roots songs to a whole new audience. Thousands of fans at Coachella, 2013, already had the pleasure of experiencing the “We No Care Fire remix” by Sygnal, and DJs around the world have been leaking these songs in their sets at nightclubs and underground parties worldwide. The FIRE album will be available at iTunes on Sep 3rd, the same day the deluxe box set of both CDs will be released in stores everywhere.

  • You can pick up Camp Fire Vol. 2 on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    10 Ft. Ganja Plant –Skycatcher
    Release Date: September 24
    10 Ft. Ganja Plant is set to deliver their 9th full length studio record! The 10 tracks composing Skycatcher will be released via ROIR Records on September 24th.

    Following 2012’s critically acclaimed instrumental album, 10 Deadly Shots Vol. II the mysterious group known as 10 Ft. Ganja Plant will release Skycatcher, a rootsy new album full of vocal gems. For the new record, all lead vocals came from the core members of the band this time, with one track sang by Nate Silas Richardson, his first lead vocal since 2005’s Bass Chalice. This new album sees 10 Ft. Ganja Plant do what they do best, infusing that old school roots groove, into timeless vibes, creating their uniquely modern Reggae sound.

    Taking a little more time to record than previous releases, for this record, this group, made up of reggae purists, produced Skycatcher independently, recording at Rear Window Studio. A decision that allowed the group to take full advantage of the studio’s unbelievable selection of vintage guitars, and add an original depth to the spit of their 70’s style reggae dubs.

    Asked to discuss their concept behind the album, all 10 Ft. Ganja Plant told The Pier was “For best results, listen to it while flying.”

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  • You can pick up Skycatcher now, by clicking HERE!

    Shaggy – Out Of Many, One Music
    Release Date: September 24
    Throughout the past two decades, Shaggy has established a career as a top selling act in pop music. Though the Jamaican-American singer-rapper achieved mainstream crossover success, Shaggy has been criticized in the past as a Reggae musician. Now, the Grammy award winner and Diamond selling artist is set to release Out of Many, One Music. This time collaborating, with the legendary Jamaican rhythm duo, Sly and Robbie, for a record that is said to show “the authenticity and creativity Shaggy is so well known for.”

    Having collaborated with many high-profile artist in the past, Shaggy’s fans can expect no different for his 12th studio effort, as the album features Ne-yo , Beres Hammond, Konshens, Taurus Riley, Coco Tea, Joe, Morgan Heritage, Tessanne Chin, Chronixx, Jimmy Cozier and Damian Marley!

    This album gives fans an opportunity to enjoy good Reggae, great musical production, taking a journey with Shaggy and a few of his friends as the artists pay tribute to the culture and one of the many gifts given to the world from the island of Jamaica, Reggae.

    Recorded in New York and Jamaica, and Co Produced with Lenky Marsden and Sting International Co, the 13 tracks of Out of Many, One Music are expected to drop September 24th via Shaggy’s own Ranch Entertainment.

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  • You can pick up Out Of Many, One Music on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Alborosie – Sound The System
    Release Date: September 30
    The end of September brings Alborosie’s Sound The System to the US. Following his third solo album 2 Times Revolution, international reggae star Alborosie has return with new Reggae music in his highly anticipated release Sound The System. Distributed by Greensleeves Records, the new record features a list of guests including, the Abyssinians, Ky-Mani Marley and Italian singer Nina Zilli. First released digitally, the new 16-track album is now available on CD. Alborosie also has Sound The System pressed on vinyl as a 10 track LP, and there has been word of an upcoming DUB WISE version of the Album.

    Originally, Alborosie was a member of the Reggae National Tickets, but decided to go solo in 2001. After going solo he moved to Jamaica where he became a national citizen and has gone on to become extremely respected in the classic reggae sense. He has received international success with tours throughout Europe, Mexico and the United States. Sound the System marks a new landmark in Alborosie’s music career as the 16 track album was written and produced by Alborosie himself. And not only did he write and produce, but he also did almost all of the albums instrumental arrangements.

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    Article By: Aaron Solomon