SexRat’s “Masters of Obsecurity”

SexRat’s “Masters of Obsecurity”

SexRat is a northern California based band from the “Golden State’s” capital city, Sacramento. The band is in no way a new band, fresh to the scene. With talented musicians stemming from other notable acts such as Long Beach, California’s Bargain Music, performing with members of Slightly Stoopid, including C-Money, Pepper, Norwood of Fishbone, Filibuster, among many others.

The band’s foundation is built on the three-piece set-up comprised of Zach “Zippy” Goodin (guitar/vocals), Devin Hurley (drums/vocals/keys) and Marc Kallweit (bass/vocals). Since their formation in 2005, SexRat has released one self-titled studio album in 2007 and one digital sampler titled HONR, released in 2010, both editions coming by way of the band’s own record label, Half of Nothing Records.

With two years separating the band’s previous release, SexRat is prepared to release their second full-length album late this summer titled, Masters of Obscurity. Famed studio engineer, Sylvia Massy, most known for her work with the band Tool’s debut record Undertow, System of a Down’s debut album and countless others, produced SexRat’s upcoming release.

If just that name and accompanying musical background doesn’t peak one’s interest, than the collaborations that filled Masters of Obscurity certainly will. On three of the album’s twelve-tracks, Bud Gaugh (Sublime/Del Mar) jumps behind the kit to pound out a few beats, as well as Bud’s wife Nicole (Del Mar) being featured on the track “Made in China”.

SexRat has been dubbed as a “supergroup” by some, and the styles the band mixes accentuate that sentiment, bringing together the sounds of past and present influences like Jimi Hendrix, Mike Watt, The Meat Puppets, Fishbone, Tom Petty and, of course, Sublime.

SexRat – Masters of Obsecurity
1. ) Hangin On
2.) Vapor Trails
3.) Made in China (Feat. Bud Gaugh and Nicole Gaugh)
4.) The Good Life
5.) Grudge
6.) Hot Shower
7.) Apothicary (Feat. Bud Gaugh)
8.) She’s 18
9.) Walk of Shame
10.) That’s Country
11.) Drug Dealer
12.) Come to Vienna (Feat. Bud Gaugh)

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Article By: Kris Siuta