Simpkin Project Releases 2 New Songs

Simpkin Project Releases 2 New Songs

Since signing with VP Records summer of 2015, momentum has been building for the Simpkin Project’s highly anticipated for Beam of Light set to release via Dub Rockers. As we draw near, Simpkin Project has released a new single, a long with a virtual b-side.

Established in 2003, The Simpkin Project is a high energy reggae band from Huntington Beach, California with its own unique version of Jamaica’s most culturally celebrated music, reggae. Beam of Light will mark the groups 4th studio album and their first in close to 6 years. The album is expected to Simpkin Hustlingdrop sometime this summer and with it will feature ten to eleven songs, along with a few remixes/dubs, a cover of a legendary soul tune and acoustic versions of some songs.

As momentum continues to build for this highly anticipated release, Sipmkin Project has finally teased us with the release of their new single “Hustling” a long with a virtual b-side of the track “It’s Only Nothing.” I’m hearing the new single, “Hustling” will soon come with a music video, but for now you can listen to the song below.

The majority of the album was recorded at Keyboardist Shawn Taylor’s home in Huntington Beach, CA under Producers Rellee Hayden and Al Cruz of A-Team Music (New Kingston, Gyption), with the mixing being done in studios in LA, New York, and possibly Jamaica.

“This album catches the true essence and spirit of what the band is today,” says lead vocalist Phil Simpkin. “It’s classic Simpkin, but at the same time is something very new and fresh! As a band this is our most collaborative album to date; everybody writes, everybody contributes.”

The band didn’t say if there are any guest vocalists on the album, but did allude to their excitement over some guest musicians when they said, “On a couple of tunes we feature the legendary drum and bass combo from New Kingston. Their approach to roots reggae has been a nice addition to the sound of the album.”

You can pick up their new singles on itunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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