Sizzla’s 70th Album “The Messiah”

Sizzla’s 70th Album “The Messiah”

One of Reggae’s most prolific artists, Sizzla, will be celebrating the release of his 70th album, The Messiah on May 28th via VP Records & Kalonji Music. The 15 track album was mostly written & produced by Sizzla himself with the direction positive change through freedom, unity & healing.

Since his emergence in 1995, Sizzla Kalonji has been an incendiary voice in the return of conscious reggae music. Inspired by Rastafari faith and unyielding dedication to social justice and equality, his voice burn oppressors and lifts the proletariat, unabashedly pointing fingers and spitting fire on the status quo like a dread-locked Michael Moore. The enigmatic vocalist has undeniably put his stamp on the genre regardless of the current style or trend. His latest effort showcases his musical depth, passion and precision.

Inspired by Rastafi, Sizzla shared with The Pier, the influence of his faith: “With the knowledge and teachings and studying his majesty, I’ve learned to put all these principles and precepts into the music. That is how it inspires me to be singin’ good songs and makin’ good music for the people. Natural.”

Sizzla continues on by saying “When I look at his majesty, I perceive the king in a good way and that is how I want to see the nation. When I’m gonna sing for them I try to meditate upon his majesty and meditate on what is right and then transmit it to the nation. That is how Rastafari really influence I and I.”

Fans can pick up the 15 track album, The Messiah, on May 28th

SizzlaThe Messiah:
1.) Psalms 121
2.) Look How Many Years
3.) Center Of Attraction
4.) No Wicked Man
5.) The Messiah
6.) Chant Dem Down
7.) Dem Nuh Business
8.) Suffer So Much
9.) Good Love
10.) One Life
11.) Children Bless
12.) May Di Powerz
13.) Need You Right Now
14.) What A Joy
15.) Better Come

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Article By: Mike Patti