Skank Roots Project (SRP)

Skank Roots Project (SRP)

With a full schedule of music coming from Roots Musician Records, the newest album release is from Skanks Roots Project or SRP. This ambitious project taken on by DJ Skanks includes collaboration with musician, producer, and recording artist E.N Young(of Tribal Seeds).

They formed SRP along with other California musicians met at various shows an recording sessions including Eddie Blunt (High Tide), J. Rips (KeepItLIt), Dave Torr (Mad Traffic), Danny Dread (Roots Covenant), and Animo.

The group officially shaped at the end of 2012 at Imperial Sound Recording Studio in Southern California. The group is a perfect mix of the SoCal sound blended with representation from Northern California.

The first single from the album, titled Just the Tip is “Wild Flower”, sure to please the Cali Reggae crowd. It was an idea that came to DJ Skanks and the project blossomed from there.

The single became available via iTunes on January 17th, and the rest of the full length album was released this last Tuesday, February 26th.

Combining their instrumental abilities and musical compliance, they keep an upbeat vibe track to track. The album features guest appearances from Clear Conscience, Lexy Love, Eric Singer, Jah Wave, Sana, and Mis Lee Ding.

The inspiration for the group collaboration on this project comes from the fact that the genre is exponentially growing bigger and faster. Therefore, the album title, “Just the Tip” is a metaphor for the fact that listeners have only heard “just the tip” of the iceberg so far.

The group has plans in the works for the rest of the year & their hope is to release an EP in the late summer that will include even more artists.

Visit Skank Roots Project online by clicking HERE.

Article by: Erin Walsh

Listen: Skank Roots Project – “Wild Flower”