SkillinJah’s New Album

SkillinJah’s New Album

Midwest reggae music has reached new heights, and one of the main products to emerge from the Springfield, Missouri area is SkillinJah. But, releasing music has been something SkillinJah has done for over 15 years, and the next release is slated for December 5th, 2012.

SkillinJah’s new album, Skillmatic will be released on December’s first Wednesday for new music. Skillmatic will be released via fellow Springfield, Missouri singer/songwriter, Josh Heinrich’s very own label GanJah Records. SkillinJah’s 14-track studio album will be made available throughout all digital outlets on the release date.

The new album from SkillinJah features fellow touring mates, Lance Sitton from the Seed, Bill Bruce, and the aforementioned Josh Heinrichs. Skillmatic highlights both the electric backing and the light acoustic songs behind SkillinJah’s smooth vocal flow. With the success of SkillinJah’s most recent release, Reality, and even Emergency Spliff before that, this release could top both albums in terms of success.

After touring with Josh Heinrichs, Lance Sitton and the Seed, 77 Jefferson and Marlon Asher, SkillinJah is finishing out the 2012 year with a fully-loaded full-length album release for the fans, right before the holidays.

For more information regarding SkillinJah’s music, tour dates, and further details follow the links below.

Track Listing
1.) The 45 (Skillmatic)
2.) Boom Boom Ti Boom Beng (Orginal Diss)
3.) Live Up [feat. Lance Sitton]
4.) Don’t Have to Worry [feat. Josh Heinrichs]
5.) Officer Morgan (Interlude)
6.) Babylon Officer
7.) Fever [feat. Josh Heinrichs]
8.) Step On Dem Head [feat. Lance Sitton]
9.) Weed Jump
10.) Don’t Stall
11.) Call of Duty (Acoustic) [feat. Josh Heinrichs]
12.) Nice Up the Lawn [feat. Lance Sitton]
13.) Cool Your Tempa [feat. Lance Sitton]
14.) The 45 (Countrymatic) [feat. Bill Bruce]

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Article By: Kris Siuta

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