Skip Marley Releases New Song “Change”

Skip Marley Releases New Song “Change”

Two-time Grammy©-nominated Skip Marley has released a new track titled, “Change.” Produced and co-written by Oscar Holter (The Weeknd, Coldplay, Katy Perry, P!nk,) the feel-good, reggae tinged track aims to bring all of the positive vibes at a time where the world needs it most.

Skip Marley explains: “Change… we’re always changing. I would say for me Skip Marley Changepersonally, me being a better man, being a better version of myself. Taking my time more, learning more, and observing more as much as I can, personally. Taking in everything ‘cause life is school so you know, no one’s perfect so allow progress. I learn every day, I try to learn something every day. And something small or big, each their own, works for me personally. When we’re talking to the world now – how much things do we want to change? We’re still hating each other. We’re still racist toward each other. We’re still warring with each other. We’re still hungry, still can’t get no job. The systems have to change. We are the change. The sooner that people realize that one man can make a difference, one woman can make a difference. From one person can make a change, then we all can make a change. Why not make a change together?”

“Change” follows Skip’s latest release, “Vibe,” featuring Jamaican MC Popcaan which was produced by Rykeyz, who also produced Skip’s history-making RIAA gold #1 global hit “Slow Down” with two-time Grammy© Award-winning artist H.E.R.

Skip will continue to promote the song as he just wrapped the first leg of his first headline tour of the same name, CHANGE. He’ll continue the second leg this fall, but fans will still have a chance to catch him over the summer by tracking his dates below.

Watch: Skip Marley – “Change” (Lyrical Video

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Article By: Mike Patti

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