Slightly Stoopid Re-Issues ‘Closer to the Sun’ on Vinyl!

Slightly Stoopid Re-Issues ‘Closer to the Sun’ on Vinyl!

On April 19th, 2005, Slightly Stoopid released their fourth studio album, Closer To The Sun. The album included a whopping 20 tracks, and for the first time ever, the album will be available for Vinyl pleasure starting June 3rd, 2016.

“This original pressing is limited to 2,500 so you better get one while supplies last,” says Jon Phillips of Stoopid’s management, Silverback Music. Stoopid_Vinyl

The Limited Edition 2 LP will be released on orange vinyl and while you’re able to buy it at Amazon, Best Buy and most retailers, I would advise exploring your options via Slightly Stoopid’s online store by clicking HERE! You’ll have bundle options that includes an exclusive Closer to the Sun Golden Goods brand Tee, Lunchbox, Rolling Papers, and a Medtainer (a container for your medical marijuana).

“As a label, we wanted audiophiles and fans that crave the vinyl experience to be able to have that available to them,” Jon explains. “It wasn’t pressed on vinyl when originally released by Caliplates/Reincarnate/Stoopid Records, so we figured it was something cool to offer for its 10 year anniversary.”

If you’re a collector of Vinyl and Slightly Stoopid happens to be atop of your list, then this re-release on Vinyl makes this a must-have. With the hopes of expanding our own personal collection of Vinyl, we asked if there were any other records Stoopid may release on vinyl for the first time, as Jon concludes that: “We absolutely love the sound of vinyl when it’s mastered properly, so I suppose that in time, for whatever we have multi-track mixes available to remaster specifically for vinyl, will probably see the light of day eventually. I would love to hear both TRI ‘Live at Robertos’ on vinyl, so we shall see in the future!”

A vinyl of TRI’s Live at Robertos would be fantastic, and since Jon brings it up, that tells us its on his radar as well. In the meantime, go buy your copy of Closer to the Sun on vinyl now, before all 2,500 are gone forever, by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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