Slightly Stoopid’s Collaboration with Black Flys Sunglasses

Slightly Stoopid’s Collaboration with Black Flys Sunglasses

In 1991 Black Flys was born in the midst of a thriving west coast culture. Built on Sun, Skate, & Surf; Black Flys has been forefront in a worldwide underground that was polarized when they linked up with an underground band at the time known as Sublime.

Sublime & Black FLys were synonymous with each other in the 90’s as most photo-shoots you see of Sublime from the 90’s either has the group wearing a pair of Black Flys shades or a t-shirt. That relationship ultimately carried on to Slightly Stoopid.

Black Flys owner, Moe Sims tells The Pier: “We met Stoopid way back in the mid 90’s Stoopid Flyswhen they were just coming up before they were big. We have just all really loved Stoopid since back then so the collab was a no brainer. Kyle has always worn the fly straights. I mean religiously. He loves them and we have always hooked him up with those. About 7 years ago we saw him backstage somewhere and we just both said ‘Why don’t we make a Stoopid version of this?’ And it was on!”

Black Flys tells The Pier that they take a lot of pride in the quality of it’s sunglasses. You’ll find no plastic hinges to keep costs down, or crap lenses to save a penny. All of their frames are made from high quality materials, & their lenses exceed UV standards.

Over the last 7 years, they have released 3 different versions of the Stoopid Fly. The first one had the Stoopid Smokin Skull logo on the arm. The second one had the Jay Alders art on the inside of the arm. The current model has a collection of past Stoopid cover-art on the inside.

Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald tells The Pier: “We have always been part of the Fly Family so we’ve been wearing them for years. The ‘Fly Straights’ are the ones that fit my face. Those are the ones I always wear and thought it only made sense to collab with Flys to make them into a ‘Stoopid Fly.'”

What started out as a relationship with Sublime carried on to Slightly Stoopid and has lasted a couple decades. In addition to Black Flys collaboration with Sublime & Slightly Stoopid, they have collaborative sunglasses with Steel Pulse, Cypress Hill, Mix Master Mike, Noodles (of Offspring), SRH and more. You can view all of the collaborative sunglasses at To purchase your limited edition pair of Stoopid Flys, click HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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