Slightly Stoopid’s “Top of the World”

Slightly Stoopid’s “Top of the World”

The long awaited summertime release from Slightly Stoopid is nearly here. The details have been limited, and rightfully so, with a highly anticipated release of this magnitude. Yet, as the minimal facts have been trickling in, the latest information regarding the upcoming album might be the most insightful.

In a recent interview conducted by 93.3 FM in Denver, CO, Miles Doughty (singer/guitarist/bassist) of Slightly Stoopid has revealed the album title, track quantity and month the new album is set to hit record stores.

Slightly Stoopid’s new album will be titled Top Of The World, and is set to be released this summer. “We have a new album coming out in August… It’s cool. It is coming out right in the middle of the Unity Tour [With 311, SOJA and The Aggrolites].”

Digging deeper into how many tracks Top Of The World will entail, Miles went on to say, “It has been about three and a half years since our last studio album, so we are excited about that. We have a lot of dope guest stars on the record, and it is going to be about a 20-to 22-track record. So, we are excited to put it out.”

Back in January, when The Pier debuted our 2012’s Most Anticipated Albums, we received word that Slightly Stoopid was in their home studio working with engineers James Wisner aka J Wiz and Bob Marley’s original engineer, Errol Brown, on a new album. Along those same lines of studio work and throwing down with some of the best in the sound engineering world, Slightly Stoopid has also been rumored to be working with some of the best and brightest artists in the reggae field, including Barrington Levy, G. Love and Don Carlos.

The last time The Pier spoke with Miles regarding the upcoming studio album release and the Live DVD/CD Box Set titled Live at Roberto’s TRI Studios, we asked about the possibility of those aforementioned guest stars being featured on the album, and Miles didn’t reveal much, but the readers can analyze his answer, as best they can.

“No confirmation, man! [regarding guest stars] (laughs) I’m not going to tell anyone or give away any of our secrets! It’s all a surprise! I think you and everyone out there will be super stoked! Musically, there are a lot of great songs on there. So, we are just excited for the record and the direction the band is going and what we are able to accomplish here at our own studio. I think that fans are really going to dig it!”

One thing is for sure, fans of reggae music, and all the different styles Slightly Stoopid brings to the forefront, will be more than pleased with the final product San Diego’s jam band will unleash this summer! If you were one of the lucky fans at Wakarusa Festival this past weekend, or one of our many international viewers, perhaps you caught a sneak peak at some of the new songs while Slightly Stoopid played in Japan this past month. Regardless, this summer’s Unity Tour will reveal even further about the never-ending progress of the affectionate band known simply as Slightly Stoopid.

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Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: Kit Chalberg

Video: Slightly Stoopid – “Wiseman” feat. Don Carlos @ TRI Studios (9-13-2011)