Slighty Stoopid at Red Rocks (Live Review)

Slighty Stoopid at Red Rocks (Live Review)

A trip to Red Rocks just might be the most magical thing a music lover can ever do. As you weave between the mountains around you on your drive up, it doesn’t seem like there could be a better sight, but then there they are. The two peaks of the amphitheater show themselves and a wave of emotions started to come over me that I’ve never felt on the way to a show before. Then again, this isn’t just any show. This is SLIGHTLY STOOPID’S “Double on the Rocks” weekend!




With a line up consisted of them and six other bands over the course of two days, thousands of Stoopid Heads around the country, and probably a few international, would come together to create one of the greatest experiences you can imagine.

Before we head into Red Rocks though, it would be a disservice to not mention Friday nights pre party at Cervantes Masterpiece in Denver. Porch, bassist for IYA TERRA threw down a very dope DJ set with some help from his bandmate Nick Sefakis. BOOSTIVE blew everyone’s mind in the building. Kaleo and “JEFF JEFF JEFF”, sorry you had to be there, from PEPPER played some of our favorite tunes of theirs acoustically. DENM almost caused an earthquake with his first headlining set in Denver. That night was a perfect precursor for what was ahead for the next two days.

Doors to the venue were after 4pm both days, but the tailgate started as early as you wanted it to! When we pulled into the parking lot Saturday, the party had already been rolling for a couple hours, and it was only 2pm. Cars and trucks lined up with their trunks open, tents up, tables full of snacks, grills on, and between it all we’re smiles on every face you saw. It was a giant family reconnecting, and it reminded us all of how lucky we are to belong to this scene.

We started the music the way we ended it the night before. Denm’s sirens to “Califas” rang out and we knew the party was on. Running through his bangers, and bringing out his Slum Beach brother Jesse James for a few tracks, Denm set the tone for the night.

The dudes from Iya Terra did what they always do, killed it. My favorite thing about their live set is how heavy it gets. I love nice and chill reggae beats as much as the next, but it’s always great to rock out a bit. Also the vocal range between Nate and Nick is incredible, those two go together perfectly.

SOJA had the entire crowd singing and dancing together along to their iconic hits. With genuine praise of how much he loves playing Red Rocks, Jacob reminded us of where we were and how special the place actually is. Trevor Young got his time to show off his voice, Bobby Lee pumped the place up and high kicked all over the stage, and the crowd got to see the their guys for the first time when Kyle and Miles came out to perform “Jump”.

Slightly Stoopid played an hour and a half of their most beloved songs. They brought out “The Verbal Herman Munster” Chali 2na a couple times, paid tribute to The Grateful Dead and Tom Petty, and ended their set dressed as The Beastie Boys for “Intergalactic”. It was an amazing set and day one couldn’t have ended any better!

The second day started with THE ELOVATERS and just like every time I’ve seen them before, they were incredible. The first sets are always the shortest but they took advantage of every second. Jackson had the entire venue in the palm of his hand during “Gimme Love” when he was out there alone for the first half of the song before the band came back out to jam again.

ANDY FRASCO is a mad man! His set was so full of energy. Many people in the crowd, including myself, had never seen him live before so we were pleasantly surprised. His band played with such power and ease, they even played a song that had about six or seven genres in it. Another great surprise was him bringing out Logan Rex from ARTIKAL SOUND SYSTEM which made the place erupt. See this band as soon as you can!

The Co-Main event of the weekend was THE MOVEMENT and to say their set was great would be the understatement of the year. Playing almost an hour of their best songs, new and old, they took charge of the venue immediately. The set list was perfect, the crowd control was insane, and all the reasons they are one of the best bands in the scene were on full display!

The grand finale of it all was very special. Slightly Stoopid played their classic album “Closer to the Sun” in its entirety for the first time in their illustrious career. Every Stoopid Head present that night got to witness history and it’s something none of us will ever forget. Stoopid also brought out Big Wave surfer Makua Rothman each night to perform a song with them in a very classy gesture to spread as much aloha as possible for Maui right now!

I will forever be grateful for the weekend we all had together. Thank you to Slightly Stoopid, Silverback Music, all the bands, the crews, The Pier, every fan I got the pleasure of meeting, and most importantly to Red Rocks for being so beautiful!

Review & Photos by @TheReggaePlug

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