Snoop Lion and…Eddie Murphy?

Snoop Lion and…Eddie Murphy?

Snoop Lion seems to be collaborating with everyone these days. When I first heard Snoop was doing a reggae album, I believe I was one of the few that was excited. Then the reality of him doing a collaboration with Miley Cyrus on a reggae album threw me the other way. But now, Snoop Lion teamed up with the Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy on a reggae song and….it’s not bad!

Not only does Eddie Murphy sing lead vocals on the track, but also plays guitar on his latest single “Redlight”. Known for his laughs on the big screen, the song actually includes infectious lyrics with Murphy singing “Emancipation – Gone, Race relations – Gone, All Our Rebels Are Gone” while name dropping the likes of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey & Martin Luther King.

Check the music video to see for yourself:

Watch: Eddie Murphy – “Redlight” (Ft. Snoop Lion)

The song has depth, great harmonies and female back up vocals that stand firm. Honestly, if I didn’t see the video, I’d raise doubts that this was an Eddie Murphy song. Almost carries a Steel Pulse celebrated sound and shows off Eddie Murphy’s depth as an artist.

Eddie Murphy has seen a decline in his acting career as of late. This new single featuring Snoop Lion comes just a bit over a month after the USA Network put a Redlight stop on the TV series, Beverly Hills Cop where Eddie Murphy appeared in the pilot. The series was to follow his characters son as a cop in Beverly Hills. No official word if Eddie Murphy plans to resurrect a music career he seemingly abandoned 20 years ago when he was collaborating with Michael Jackson & Rick James.

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In other news, while still promoting his reggae album Reincarnated, Snoop Lion has released a new music video, filmed in Thailand, for the track “Torn Apart” featuring 22 year old Rita Ora. You can view the new music video below.

Speaking of his new album, Snoop Lion has been active in his stance against gun violence these days. His latest album includes a song “No Guns Allowed” and at the BET Experience this past weekend, he took part in a panel on gun control. He acknowledged that he was “fed up” with gun violence. “Once I’ve seen, you know, public venues and little elementary schools being shot, you know, with innocent kids, it started to affect me to where it’s, like, this is not just a hood situation, this is an everyday situation. . . . And we need to address this.”

…Agreed, Snoop! But lets agree to disagree that choosing Miley Cyrus to be featured on a Reggae album was a poor choice. This song with Eddie Murphy would have been a great addition, even if the headline sounds funny, the song plays & sounds just fine.

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Snoop Lion – “Torn Apart” (Ft. Rita Ora)