Snoop Lion New Single & Tracklist

Snoop Lion New Single & Tracklist

In a recent interview with the, Snoop Lion discussed the transformation of his identity from Snoop Dogg. On the heels of his album release this April 23, 2013 via RCA/VICE and the release of his film in select theaters in the UK & US, Snoop Lion tackled the tough questions, Rastafarianism and addressed skepticism with ease.

“I’ve done nothing but what I said I was going to do: Go to Jamaica, make a great record, intertwine with some people, build on some relationships and come back and bring something back to the community. … As far as what people feel about how I’m representing or misrepresenting, that’s for no man to judge. I’m here to do what I’m doing. This is my journey. And for those who don’t like it, I still got love for them.”

When asked about his transition into Rastafarianism Snoop Lion says, “I feel like I’m a part of anything that’s positive, that’s loving. And Rastafari is so connected to who I am that I feel like I’m a part of it. Because it is me. It is what I am. And through the spirit of it you want to learn more about it…. I’m just learning. So it’s all brand new to me.”

On March 20, Snoop Lion released a single with his daughter Cori B*; it features rapper Drake called “No Guns Allowed”, and is produced by Major Lazer and Ariel Rechstaid. It promotes the message of nonviolence and peace.

Snoop Lion’s new album imparts a message of unity and love through fellowship and compassion.

The song is available for listen on soundcloud:
Additionally, Snoop Lion released an exclusive “Behind The Song” video (, that exclusively details the production, and motivation behind creating an album that inspires harmony and love. According to The, the official tracklist for the new album includes an all star cast of artists. The Pier family is excited to hear his spiritual transformation, talented collaborations and to let Snoop Lion deliver his beats of solidarity.

Snoop Lion‘Reincarnated’ Tracklist:
1.) Rebel Way
2.) Here Comes the King (Feat. Angela Hunte)
3.) Lighters Up (Feat. Mavado & Popcaan)
4.) So Long (Feat. Angela Hunte)
5.) Get Away (Feat. Angela Hunte)
6.) No Guns Allowed (Feat Drake & Cori B)
7.) Fruit Juice (Feat. Mr. Vegas)
8.) Smoke the Weed (Feat. Collie Budz)
9.) Tired of Running (Feat. Akon)
10.) The Good Good (Feat. Iza)
11.) Torn Apart (Feat. Rita Ora)
12.) Ashtrays & Heartbreaks (Feat. Miley Cyrus)
13.) Boulevard (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)
14.) Remedy (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown)
15.) La La La
16.) Harder Times (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)

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Article By: Zia Lucia-Miller
Photo By: David Norris

Watch: Snoop Lion – “La La La”

Watch: Snoop Lion – “Lighters Up” (ft. Mavado, Popcaan)

Watch: Snoop Lion – “Here Comes The King” (ft. Angela Hunte)