SOJA Announces New Album ‘Poetry In Motion’

SOJA Announces New Album ‘Poetry In Motion’

Mark your calendars as Washington D.C.’s 8-piece international reggae group, SOJA, have announced that they will release their next studio album, Poetry In Motion, on October 27th via ATO Records.
The album is set to include 11 brand-new tracks with whats expected to be zero guest appearances. When we spoke with lead singer Jacob Hemphill this summer, he said that they wanted to put out a record that was all them and was hoping to take their sound back to their earlier approach, comparing Poetry In Motion to the likes of 2009’s Born In Babylon.

Hemphill explains, “‘Poetry in Motion’ is about us, the human race. We’re beautiful. We’re the caretakers of this earth and everything that lives here, calls it home. But something is wrong. Something in us is lost. That’s the focus – how to get back to the beauty and away from… well, this.”

The group has already released and been performing 2 new songs live with “More” and “Bad News”. “More” is said to be a Bob Marley-influenced manifesto to fight greed by being content with what you have while “Bad News” looks for hope in tragic headlines — You’ll receive both of these songs instantly when you pre-order the new album.

The last studio record SOJA put out received a Grammy nomination with the release of 2015’s Amid The Noise & Haste. That album featured a slew of guest appearances that included Damian Marley, Collie Budz, Anuhea, J Boog, Alfred The MC, Michael Franti, Nahko, and Trevor Young. In 2016 they released a live record with Live in Virginia and before 2017 is over, we’ll see a SOJA record that is just them in a described return to their roots.

You can pre-order Poetry In Motion on iTunes by clicking HERE!

SOJA – Poetry In Motion Track-list:
SOJA---Poetry-In-Motion-cover-art1.) Moving Stones
2.) I Can’t Stop Dreaming
3.) Tried My Best
4.) More
5.) Fire In The Sky
6.) Everything To Me
7.) Life Support
8.) Bad News
9.) To Whom It May Concern
10.) Sing To Me
11.) I Found You

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photos By: David Norris

Listen: SOJA – “Bad News”

Listen: SOJA – “More”