SOJA Cancels European Tour

SOJA Cancels European Tour

If you are one of our many international readers, and happened to be looking forward to seeing SOJA perform in Europe this month, Bobby Lee, bassist and vocalist for SOJA, made a heavy-hearted announcement on November 11th, 2012.

SOJA was in the midst of playing their sixth show of their 12-date European tour supporting their 2012 full-length album, Strength To Survive, before the announcement hit the fans’ ears and touched band members’ hearts. After performing in Zurich, Switzerland, Paris, London, Porto and Lisboa in Portugal, Spain proved to be the band’s last stop for the time being.

One thing that the fans and spectators in the crowd forget, these band members have their own families back home, aside from their brothers in arms on the road. Playing music is everything to these live performers, but being family members and showing support for those family members when the time calls for it is still on the top of their daily schedule, long before set times and load-ins. Even if it means postponing the remaining shows and scheduling the cities later on, SOJA will do whatever it takes.

The full details were not released to the crowd, but Bobby Lee did come out to the front of the stage, grab the microphone and relay the message to the standing room only crowd in Madrid, Spain, along with the spanish translation to get the word across. The fan reaction was far more reassuring than displaying disappointment with the band for the cancellation. The fans in Europe understood the importance and severity on hand.

SOJA was just getting ready to play in Barcelona the following day, before heading to Germany for four dates in Stuggart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. The European Tour’s final stop was scheduled to be in Wroclaw, Poland for the One Love Sound Festival.All of these dates were subsequently canceled.

The announcement from Bobby Lee was recorded from a fan in attendance and uploaded to YouTube, if you care to watch. For more details on re-scheduled dates, follow the links below for planning your next SOJA live performance.

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Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: Dave Norris

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